Misc. Lessons

Misc. Drum Lessons

5 Techniques You Need To Know Gavin Harrison – How To Create Amazing Drum Parts David Garibaldi – Building Coordination Gergo Borlai – Storytelling On The Drums Carmine Appice – Realistic Rock Linear Drum Beats Casey Cooper – How To Learn Songs Quickly Gerry Brown – Showmanship While Grooving Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – The Purdie Shuffle Benny Greb – The Art & Science Of Groove Thomas Lang – Applying Technique On The Drum-Set Antonio Sanchez – Creative Soloing & Freedom 7 Mistakes Every Drummer Makes Your Very First Drum Lesson Kenny Aronoff – Functional Practicing Tony Royster Jr – Creative Concepts Matt Garstka – Efficient Practicing Easy Crossover Drum Fill Larnell Lewis – The Groove Builder Stanton Moore – Musical Mileage Jim Riley – Creating Grooves Peter Erskine – Playing Brushes Thomas Pridgen – Applying Rudiments John Blackwell – Drumming Discipline & Improvisation What it’s like to be a Drumeo student… How To Play Drums Yuca – I’m Alive She Said 7 Beats You Don’t Need To Know How To Set Up A Drum Set Beginner Drum Fills Building Your Weaker Hand One Handed Roll Applications One Handed Roll 5/4 Play-Along Michael Schack Drumeo Lesson Bass Drum Triple Strokes One Bar Fills Beginner Independence Exercises Triple Paradiddle Speed Jingle Bells Yamaha Electronics Demo Larnell Lewis Drumeo Lesson Hands & Feet Separation Linear Drum Fill Improvisation Adding Drags To Your Fills Developing The Left Foot Pataflafla Applied Hi-Hat Barking Sean Lang’s Drum Gear Sean Lang Drum Solo Advanced Metal Drum Fills Introduction To Breakbeats Breaking Up The Lead Hand Practicing On V-Drums The Roots “Boom” Metric Modulation Simplified Latin Drumming Essentials Playing With A Bass Player How To Play Drums By Ear Introduction To Blast Beats Hand Drumming Djembe/Cajon Essential Shuffle Patterns 7 Essential Drum Beats Five Stroke Roll Insanity How To Tune Your Drums Flam Accent Madness Practicing With Play-Alongs Social Challenge Success The Flat Foot Technique Social Challenge How To Build Finger Control Play Drums With Confidence Developing Speed Around The Kit Express Yourself On The Drums “Like The Average Stalker” Broken Hi-Hat Beats Accenting Your Hi-Hats Odd Time Metal Beats Hand To Feet Fills Developing Groove On The Drums Fills On Different Counts Combining Drum Fills Playing Fills Backwards Moving Around The Drums Cool Linear Drum Fill Int. Broken Double Pedal Beats Linear Drum Fills Int. Metal Drum Fills Heavy Metal Blast Beats Beg. Metal Drum Fills Snare Drum Comping Beg. Broken Double Bass Beats Double Ratamacue Metal Drum Beats – Single Pedal Heel-Toe Technique Fills Dave’s Gear Heel-Toe Technique Beats Experimenting With Electronics YUCA – “Anthem” YUCA – “It’s About Something” Single Ratamacue Broken Hi-Hat Concepts Drumming In Your Town Single Paradiddle Applications The Rosanna Shuffle Single Stroke Roll Speed Dragadiddle 2 Dragadiddle 1 How To Read A Polyrhythm Chart What Is A Polyrhythm Single Dragadiddle Lesson 25 Advanced 5/4 Drum Fills Intermediate 5/4 Drum Fills Double Drag Tap Behind The Scenes Cymbal Choking Single Drag Tap Beginner 5/4 Drum Fills Drag Ruff Advanced 5/4 Drum Beats Pataflafla Intermediate 5/4 Drum Beats Flam Drag Beginner 5/4 Drum Beats Counting 5/4 Odd Time Signature Inverted Flam Tap Dying Hearts Desire – “Calling” Counting Quarter Note Triplets Swiss Army Triplet Flam Paradiddle-Diddle How To Count 16th Note Triplets Single Flammed Mill Flam Paradiddle Flamacue Share These Drum Lessons How To Count 8th Note Triplets Flam Accent Flam Tap Essential Bass Drum Techniques Flams How To Count 32nd Notes How To Count Sixteenth Notes Single Paradiddle-diddle Double Stroke Sweep The Herta Sweep Holding Sticks – Matched Grip How To Count Eighth Notes How To Count Quarter Notes Triple Paradiddle How To EQ Overheads & Cymbals How To EQ Toms How To EQ A Snare Drum How To EQ A Bass Drum Int. Broken 16th Note Fills Double Paradiddle Beginner Broken 16th Note Fills Drum Set Mic Technique Overview How To Mic Cymbals How To Mic Toms How To Mic A Snare Drum How To Mic A Bass Drum 7/4 Fusion Punk Rock Half Time Shuffle Single Paradiddle How To Muffle Your Drums How To Tune Your Toms Seventeen Stroke Roll How To Tune Your Bass Drum How To Tune Your Snare Drum Fifteen Stroke Roll Getting Drum Endorsements Auxiliary Drum Stick Choice Thirteen Stroke Roll Intermediate Cross Sticking Beginner Cross Sticking Eleven Stroke Roll Contest Winners Announcement Ten Stroke Roll Bass Drum Independence Etude Int. 16th Note Linear Drum Fills Beg. 16th Note Linear Drum Fills Advanced Ghost Notes Intermediate Ghost Notes Nine Stroke Roll Beginner Ghost Notes Seven Stroke Roll Advanced Opening-Closing Hats Inter. Opening-Closing Hats Six Stroke Roll Beginner Opening-Closing Hats Flat Foot Technique Five Stroke Roll Slide Technique Heel-Toe Technique Triple Stroke Roll Advanced 7/8 Drum Fills Intermediate 7/8 Drum Fills Double Stroke Roll Beginner 7/8 Drum Fills Learning 7/8 Odd Time Multiple Bounce Roll Single Stroke Seven 16th Note Warm-Up Single Stroke Four Advanced Single Pedal Speed Intermediate Single Pedal Speed Single Stroke Roll Beginner Single Pedal Speed Bass Drum Speed Techniques Cobus Potgieter Live #2 Cobus Potgieter Live #1 Broken Eighth Note Drum Fills Two Handed Hi-Hat Drum Beats Quarter Note Drum Fills Int. Tom-Tom Drum Beats Intermediate Punk Drum Beats Intermediate Linear Drum Beats Half Time Drum Beats Eighth Note Drum Fills Beginner Tom-Tom Drum Beats Beginner Punk Drum Beats Beginner Linear Drum Beats Intermediate Double Bass Fills Double Bass Warm-Ups Double Bass Drum Beats Double Bass Speed Tips Beginner Double Bass Drum Fills