Essential Shuffle Patterns

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Almost every style of music has been influenced by the shuffle in one form or another. There are rock, jazz and blues shuffles; funk has them and even Jamaican music has been highly influenced by them. Learning how to play shuffles properly is tricky. Shuffles can be technically challenging and hard to play with the right amount of feel. That’s why we put this free live drum lesson together for you. In it, Jerry Adolphe teaches you what he believes to be the essential shuffle patterns and shares a wealth of information on how to play great sounding shuffles.

If you’re looking for a great place to start owning your ability to play shuffles, this is the lesson for you. Jerry Adolphe is a master at playing shuffles, so he knows what he’s talking about. Jerry Adolphe is also keen on sharing his knowledge. Besides teaching seven essential shuffle drum beats, Jerry Adolphe talks about shuffle drum fills, hand technique and when to use the different shuffles.

Once you’ve been through this free drum lesson and if you’re interested in learning about a new type of shuffle drum beat, check the free drum lesson “The Rosanna Shuffle.” In that video you’ll discover one of the most famous variations of the half-time shuffle: the “Rosanna Shuffle“, or “Porcaro Shuffle.”




  • Carlo says:

    Hi to everybody!

    Great video lesson, but unfortunately I can’t download the sheet music just clcking on the tag. Could you please help me?

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Jake says:

    I love those suffels the opening jam was great

  • Glennjeff says:

    Wow, that dood knows how to shuffle.

    Very educational, lots of fast information at a slow pace, excellent communicator.

    Not my style at all, but I could listen to him play all day.

    Need lapel mikes to overcome the AGC effect when guests are speaking, seems to be a lot of annoying slow release compression going on.

  • Des says:

    Just noticed today going through the sheet music that you’ve changed it from how it used to be to how Percussive Arts Society write it ^_^

  • Donna says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson! Jerry i really like your style i have been working on shuffle beats and i learned more from this lesson in such a short time. I am really pumped! Thank you so much! I will practice more on this one and get it down pat!

  • Sander Myngheer says:

    I actually like his tempo of teaching. It’s not too slow, of course, but not too fast as well, I personally think. It’s a video, so I can rewind how many times I need.

    Just a great lesson. One of my favorites, if not THE favorite ;).

    • Sander Myngheer says:

      But I understand that these are not essential shuffle patterns, as the titles suggests, and the things he plays don’t really match with what is on the paper. But now, I learned a lot more. I’m going to put very much time in this lesson, with pleasure.

      Thanks Jerry!

  • Yute says:

    This guy has knowledge running through his veins. Love this lesson,I tend to plat shuffles abit but not much variation in it. This lesson is definitely helping out big time…1Love drumlessons.com!!!

  • Trevor Christensen says:

    Good drumming Jerry! and dude ROCK ON YUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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