Beginner Metal Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Heavy metal drum fills are usually fast passed and brutal sounding. The speed and power at what they’re performed are usually way too high for any beginner. So where should a beginner heavy-metal drummer start? How about right here?! In this free heavy-metal drum lesson Sean Lang teaches how to play five of the most common heavy-metal drum fills out there. These are awesome heavy-metal drum fills that’ll get you started in the right direction.

The speed at what you play these heavy-metal drum fills is what mainly determines their level of challenge. Therefore, don’t just play them at 80 beats per minute (BPM). To get to an intermediate level you have to keep pushing yourself with these exercises. Master the patterns at 80 BPM first. Then, increase the tempo of your metronome by 5 or 10 BPM every time you feel comfortable with the speed at what you’re currently playing. Doing this on a daily-basis will take your heavy-metal drumming to the next level.

Once you feel you’ve progressed to a more intermediate level with these heavy-metal drum fills, move on to the free heavy-metal drum lesson “Intermediate Metal Drum Fills.” If you’d rather learn more beginner double bass drum fills, check the free drum lesson “Beginner Double Bass Drum Fills.” For those interested in playing cool heavy-metal drum beats, check the free heavy-metal drum lessons “Single Pedal Heavy-Metal Drum Beats” and “Beginner Broken Metal Double Bass Beats.”

Intermediate to advanced drummers can take these beginner heavy-metal drum fills and play them at way higher speeds than the one played by Sean Lang in the video. Use them to get to a more advanced level in regard to speed if you’re and intermediate player. As for advanced drummers, use the drum fills as blueprints for coming up with new creative variations. Watch the free drum lesson “Expressing Yourself On The Drums” for some ideas on how to do this.




  • ashane says:

    hey!!! really really helpful fr me!!! im just a beginer double bass player!!!! thankx a lot sir!!

  • axel66679 says:

    amazing!!!!!!!! i learneed alot!!!

  • bamm says:

    these lessons have really helped me become a better drummer in a short period of time thanks a million !!!!!

  • Limbei says:

    I like your post and loved to read it. It the great scuore of inforation for us and that is why people like you and appreciate your work Keep rocking ..!!!

  • Marcus says:

    Looking foreward to the intermediate and advanced lessons! :O)

  • Corey Johnson says:

    Hey Sean, I remember a video a bit back you said you use triggers for your bass drum sound, are you using triggers on your bass in this vid, and for your toms as well? They sound so crisp and amazing, Ive been spending months trying to get my stuff to sound like that. Haha maybe I just need a couple grand and a new set.

    • Valentin says:

      Thank you for your help!Thank you and My best readrgs! Thank you and Sorry for so many questions but i really need your help.

  • Batteur says:

    Those kicks sound like a machine they are so tight.. AWESOME ..thanks for all your work guys

  • will says:

    i wish i could get my drums to sound this good 🙁

    • Muzaffer says:

      You have spoke about serveal curious things here. I came across this article by using Bing and I have to admit that I already subscribed for your site, it is very fine (;

  • Mauro Joaquim says:

    WoW it’s impressive how a simple fill can all the difference

  • mario says:

    it is very good that you guys want to teach 4 free thanx a lot for doing that

    • Leonardo says:

      great rvieew- Just got a dual zone 10in.. Having a rough time having it register EVERY hit. weird But it double registers’ and sometimes no registers’ unless hit exactly over foam center. I cant even get the rim to register- !! I’m using a yamaha DTXII. No sensitivity knob on this pintech so would you think I can adjust the brains sensititvity to get that crsip sound you’re getting..I hope so .

    • Regula says:

      Prosze Cie z calego serca: nie pzrastewaj tworzyc Twojego blogu, poniewaz ten post byl dokladnie czyms, czego prawie od tygodnia szukalem. Dzieki.

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