Hi-Hat Barking

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Hi-hat barking is a type of open hi-hat technique where the open sound has a very short duration. Hi-hat barks are usually played as 16th notes, 16th note triplets or 32nd notes and are great for playing accents and shots with a band, as well as for ending songs. Hi-hat barking can be found in many different styles of music, but it’s in funk that it shines the most. In this free drum lesson Jared Falk teaches five drum beats that make use of this technique in very creative ways.

Before going through this free drum lesson, we highly encourage you to check the mini-series on opening-closing the hi-hat. As you progress through the various exercises you’ll move from playing the open hi-hat as 8th notes to playing 16th note hi-hat barks. Watch “Beginner Opening-Closing Hi-Hat” first, as it will get you used to opening and closing the hi-hat within your drum beats. If you’re already comfortable with it, move to “Intermediate Opening-Closing Hi-Hat” to start incorporating hi-hat barks into your playing. Mastering those free drum lessons first will have you going through this one with greater ease.

Much like the lesson on “Advanced Opening-Closing Hi-Hat,” the exercises from this one can be used at the end of a 4-bar sequence as embellishments to the main groove or even as subtle drum fills. Thus, practice going to and coming from these patterns by combining them with other drum beats you already know.




  • Arnav says:

    Hi Jared,

    I liked your lessons on dynamic drumming. Dynamics is the area I am currently trying to improve. Your lessons will certainly help. Much appreciated.

  • Matt says:

    Big fan of your instructional technique and attitude. Keep up the good work man, your vids are much appreciated.

  • God'sent says:

    thanks jared, dis ur teaching has really impact druming skill to me…may God add more hidden techniques to u

  • Scott says:

    Hi Jared — thanks much for this lesson, and all the others you put online. I appreciate your positive attitude, and am definitely improving my skill level. Keep up the good work —

  • mani says:

    wowowoowowowow thank you ,every lessons are great

  • Wendell Manaois says:

    Thank you Jared. I’ve been learning a lot.

  • Larry Nichols says:

    On hi hat barking, can you demonstrate a continual drag ruff while barking at same time. Also, I would like to see some four way independence like drumer plays in some of Jean Luc Ponty’s songs.

  • WIll thomas says:

    wow.. i’ve been thinkin all this years how to bark my hi hat… now i know what to do… more power on you guys and keep on feeding the minds of all drummers out there.. specially the begginers. i always watch your lesson on you tube.. and this is the only time i visit your website… and ilove it… thank you and more power god bless….

  • Constantine says:

    Thanks Jared!!! Your lessons are amazing, always inspiring and fun! A huge thank you from Australia!!

  • Adrian says:

    Hey Jared, greetings from Poland!

    I’m a big fun of Funk music and I really like when You add something related with it. These Hi-hats, ghost notes, all dynamic drumming, it’s music to my ears! I fell like it’s exactly what I need! Thank you very much for this lesson, I’m always checking all your mails with attachated links with hope, that there is something funky 😉 Moreover, I have one big dream and I would be delighted if you will add some covers of classics, dynamic Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs or mayby some tips how to improve my usage of Splash cymbal comparing with hi-hat barking and ghost notes? I would really like to see hard, bone-crushing drum lesson 😀 I know it’s tricky and it’s hard to create some good exercises about it, but that’s why I know you will like this proposition even more:)

    Sorry about my english… ;D

    Best wishes,

  • jehu bent says:

    your lessons are awesome but i need some lessons at the age of 12 and 11 i’m on my journey to be one of the greatest drummer like you Jared

  • jehu bent says:

    your lessons are awesome!all i need is to practice i don’t have a drum set i will try to practice.i want you to teach at least some lessons at my age
    11 soon 12

  • michael arde says:

    tnx for the lesson jared now i have new ideas to excel my hi-hat tapping

  • Bill says:

    Hi Jared. Very very cool stuff you are doing. I love all your that I have seen videos, thanks very much for your efforts. Thought the barking was great. It made me realize again the importance of practicing. I am a drummer looking for tips on good fills. Love your linear fills. Any more ideas really welcome. You make me want to be a better drummer!

    Bye for now.

  • keith robinson says:

    i really enjoy waching your drum video. i am 48 years old and still tryinj to get better keep doing what you do

  • David says:

    Great lesson. Is it possible to teach any jazz lessons?

  • Israel Hernández says:

    Hi Jared. I really want to thank you, every lessons are great, I learn a lot with them.
    I would like to know if you can make a lesson with the topic INDEPENDENCE. I have many problems with that (betwen hands and feet) and I think there are no many lesson about it

    Thank you very much

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