Broken Hi-Hat Beats

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The drum set is an instrument that’s primarily focused on playing rhythm. Rhythmic possibilities, although finite, are pretty much endless in the sense that no one can play every one of them in a lifetime. Still, learning as much as you can about different rhythmic combinations and possibilities is still well worth it due to their musical value. Having the ability to play different rhythms will greatly enhance your musicianship and the music you play along to. You’ll be able to complement it better and be a lot more creative and expressive. In this free live drum lesson, Mike Michalkow teaches how to spice up your rhythmic vocabulary on the hi-hat while playing rock-based drum beats with broken hi-hat patterns.

The broken hi-hat drum beats Mike Michalkow teaches in this free live drum lesson have very simple snare and bass drum patterns. A good way to start messing around with them is stealing snare and bass drum patterns from the free drum lessons on DrumLessons.com and combine them with the broken hi-hat patterns from this one. If you’re not sure on what lesson to start, check the free drum lesson “Bass Drum Independence Etude.”

If you’re an enthusiast of broken hi-hat drum beats, you’ve got to check the free drum lesson on broken hi-hat drum beats Jared Falk put together. In it, you’ll learn about a really cool concept for coming up with your own original broken hi-hat patterns. Another thing you can do is add accents to the broken hi-hat patterns you’re playing. For some ideas on this, check the free drum lesson “Accenting Your Hi-Hats.”




  • Paul ADEYEMI says:

    I want to know more about drum notes and sheets.

  • Bagas says:

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  • Kent Pineda says:

    Great job for DESTROYING Jared’s china Mike..
    Great lessons by the way. Thanks!
    I wish a have a Drumeo account..
    You guys are the way to improve my drumming. Thanks a lot.

  • Yute says:

    Mike is awesome…Great lesson 🙂

    • Karim says:

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  • abhishek says:

    I dont have a accoustic drumset but i learning to play from a local music store in oman. i would like to know which brand of drumset is this best buy for absolute beginner. My name is abhishek.and im a big fan of jared’s drumming style.

    • Muchachas says:

      Does anyone know what the Slipknot dreummr (Joey Jordison) uses as his snare drum?, particularly the one that can be heard in the 9.0 Live album. It sounds like a different snare compared to most bands can anyone help?

  • Einar Coutin says:

    What is the purpose of the track play alongs?

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