Linear Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Welcome to the first ever Drumeo Live free drum lesson. In this video, Jared Falk teaches five beginner to advanced linear drum fills that you can use in various styles of music. This free drum lesson comes with downloadable PDF sheet music and play-along MP3s of the exercises played at three different tempos.

If you take a look at the sheet music Jared Falk wrote for this lesson, you can see that the hand patterns stay on the snare drum. You can play them like so, but you’ll eventually want to move them around the drums and cymbals. It’s a good idea to stick with a single surface like a snare drum at first because it lets you focus on limb independence and consistency with greater ease. Take these drum fills as written, start out slowly and speed them up before you start messing around with orchestration.

Each drum fill can actually be played as a drum beat. To do so you just have to move one hand to the hi-hat or ride cymbal and the other one to the snare drum. For some ideas on how to mess around with your linear drum fills and drum beats, check Jay Deachman’s Construct.

Once you’re done with the linear drum fills taught in this free drum lesson and would like to learn some new ones, watch “Hand To Feet Combination Fills” and “Intermediate 16th Note Linear Drum Fills.” The linear drum fills you’ll learn from those free drum lessons are very cool sounding; you’ll have a ton of fun working on them!




  • Istifanus Daniel says:


  • bezel rastofa says:

    wow thats a talent ……………

  • Timothy says:

    Hi Jared,
    You are a wonderful teacher, I love watching your lessons and I’ve improved a lot. Thanks man. Wish I could see you some day. Ohh…

  • Jake says:

    Do u have the pdf for an ipad on this lesson it only shows the adobe one that i cant download I love these lessons but i really need sheet music it helps so much You guys are doing a great thing by giving these lessons thank you so much

  • Greg says:

    Hey Jared,

    I really love these linear patterns! I’ve been working on them for a little while, in particular exercise 4. Two questions that l have:

    1. How do you count these, when at low speed e.g. 60 bpm?

    2. When you go beyond 60 bpm, l am assuming that you are having to start to use down-up strokes or multi-bounce?

    Many thanks!

  • Brian J says:

    All of these lessons are so fabulous. it has helped me a lot. keep them coming!

  • ron titterton says:

    greatjob you guys are doing at the age of 82 I still have a electric kit that I play on soley for my own enjoyment I try out your lessons wish they had been around when I was on the the dance circuit in my area .Keep up the good work.

  • Tony M says:

    Y’all are to be commended for your major contributions to the world of drumming for drummers! Thanks and God Bless! I would love to meet you someday and thank you in person! Unfortunately, I can’t even afford to subscribe to your awesome creation called DRUMEO!!! Not just yet anyway……

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