5 Techniques You Need To Know

In this video, Mike shares his five must know beginner drumming techniques. Having a solid foundation of technique is extremely important when first learning the drums.




  • Gloria da silva says:

    Thank u for the help. I’m so excited to play drums for the first time. Ur team are awesome to learn with. I’m from south africa and been unemployed but found a drum set here where my hubby works and I want to learn to play well. Please are there any free lessons for me to try and I’m also left handed and I battle a bit with my weak hand.(right) any tips Please. Thank you for the videos that I have seen on the internet they are great. I have subscribed to most of the one I’m keen on. Regards Gloria

  • Pete says:

    Been a drummer all my life from Liverpool stated playinein 1961 joined the Welsh guards in 1965 and was a drummer and played in bands all my life until l had a stroke sold all drum kits and haven’t played for your ears so lm stating again at the age of 76 and finding the drum course interseting l need to play again just for me

  • Ben sokosoko says:

    I want to be a professional drummer

  • Israel jimmy says:

    I wanna know more on drumming

  • Joseph Ajao says:

    I want to learn more skills.

  • Sunny living says:

    I like to learn how to play drums please I need help me

  • Sunny living says:

    I like to learn how to play drums please I need help

  • kelvin mfon says:

    i want to learn more skills and i also want my hand to be flexible in it

  • CEO vikki says:

    Pls I want to be a good drummer,
    Pls can you help archive my dreams

  • Samuel kufre etim says:

    I want to be a good drummer

  • Gift says:

    I want to know how to play all kinds of drum so that I can be the best drummer

  • Emmy Network says:

    I want to learn 8

  • Welse Mphalaro says:

    I want to learn more about drumming and be the best drummer

  • Kevin Lander says:

    Hi Mike,

    your brilliant video showing, how to hold the sticks and the single and double roll exercises are the best i have seen yet so, i am sticking (pardon the pun,lol) with you for my future exercises and lessons, many thanks for your great tuition.

    After a year since i got back to drumming after 48 year layoff i have practiced each and everyday since December 2019, whether it be on the drum set (when the neighbors are out.) but spend a lot of time on my military drum and practice pads, i still have problems with my left hand control, my right is getting to almost perfect but for some reason my left wrist seems to rotate when i play, and instead of the drum stick going in up and down movement, the end of the drum stick goes into a circular motion and bounces all over the place, which is quite frustrating, just wondering if your have any exercises or advice on how i can correct this.

    many thanks in advance Mike.


  • thomas Jeconiah says:

    pls I wanna learn how to play drums.

  • D tempo says:

    I love this site pls I know more

  • jerry ari says:

    i want to see more of dis drum lessons plz can someone help me??? ?????

  • Samuel Joshua says:

    I want to know how to play drum, please teach me

  • Tayu Bagang says:

    Thank you team Drumeo i feel like i am improving a lot day by day…especially thnks to jared we love u jared god bless u??

  • teolex jnr says:

    You are my captain love you guy came to know u guy since 2015 pls can have a drum seperation lesson vid and hw too arrange my beat to sound like a prof the way u guy do

  • Newton says:

    Nice, very clear and measured delivery that was easy to follow.
    I am definitely going to use this site as a resource.

    Thanks for the help

  • Emmanuel says:

    sir I want to know how to apply strokes in drum

  • Oyerinde Boluwatife says:

    I would like to learn how to play the drum like a pro and not the way I do it has a kid

  • Aj says:

    Sir, can you help me how to teach my 6y/o son on how to play drum properly?. He can actually play drums with music and can jam with band. But i want him to learn the proper drumming. Thanks sir jared.

  • Rhea says:

    I really want to learn cool drum styles

  • ikey says:

    please help i want to know the names of style and names of beat please in the name of god

  • gensmith tizzy says:

    I really wat my skills to improve

  • Anthony says:

    I really want to improve my drum ability

  • Borie Manshadic says:

    to become a good drumer you have to be discipline

  • enoch vex says:

    can you please help to improve my drum technique

  • Ibejekwe wisdom says:

    whooo.thank you very much mikallo but iam finding the double stroke different

  • white says:

    how to have a solid beat

  • simionraj says:

    very good thanking


    Thanks Mike! That was super informative. I play drums as a hobby and never took the time to learn proper technique. I look forward to improving and eventually playing with some people. I wanted to be a professional drummer when I was 12 but my parents weren’t having it! I just had my 67th birthday and love playing.

  • nwamadu michael says:

    i love drums with passion

  • anyanwu ebube says:

    how to have a solid beat

  • Elisha paul says:

    how to combine drum fills

  • Emmanuel says:

    How to practice independence while drumming

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