Advanced Metal Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The free heavy-metal drum lesson on intermediate drum fills focused extensively on blending constant runs of 16th notes with quick bursts of 32nd notes. Above all, those heavy-metal drum fills promoted your physical development, doubling as great musical drum fills and coordination exercises. The five advanced heavy-metal drum fills you’ll find here work in the same vein as the previous ones, adding cool rhythmic nuances in the form of broken patterns and creative orchestrations around the whole drum set. In the video, Sean Lang goes through the heavy-metal drum fills at two different tempos: medium and fast, so you can see exactly how they should sound when you get really comfortable with them and when you master them, respectively.

Since this free heavy-metal drum lesson is geared toward advanced drummers you should approach it with a different mind-set. As you’re probably aware of by now, these advanced heavy-metal drum fills are two-bar long. You can actually play them as one-bar drum fills if you double the speed at what you play each note value: 8th notes as 16th notes and 16th notes as 32nd notes, for instance. This is a great way to turn all these heavy-metal drum fills into 32nd note heavy-metal drum fills. This is a great way to further challenge you.

Another thing we really encourage you to do when you feel really comfortable with these advanced heavy-metal drum fills is to adjust the note value that gets the clicks on your metronome. Hence, instead of having the click going on each quarter note, set it to click on the half notes or on the whole note. Doing so will make these patterns even more challenging to practice since you’ll have a lot more space between each click. With half notes the click plays on counts 1 and 3, and with whole notes you get one click per bar, or for every count 1. This is fantastic for improving your sense of time. You’ll have to rely upon your internal clock to play these drum fills in time because of the amount of space between each click.

Once you feel you’ve attained a good level of control over these advanced heavy-metal drum fills and would like to learn some heavy-metal drum beats to go along with them, check the free drum lessons “Heavy-Metal Blast Beats” and “Double Bass Drum Beats.”