How To Count 8th Note Triplets

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free video drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to count 8th note triplets, and how to relate them to quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, and 32nd notes. He does so by using some simple but effective exercises, beats and fills. Jared also teaches you how to read and write 8th note triplets.

You’ll have to have a good understanding of some of the different note values that are available to you, to get the most out of this free drum lesson. To help you out with this, we’ve put together an extensive collection of free drum lessons on how to count and play different note values. From those lessons, we encourage you to go through the ones that will teach you how to count quarter notes, how to count 8th notes, how to count 16th notes, and how to count 32nd notes. Once you’ve been through those free drum lessons, you’ll find the six exercises featured within this one a lot easier to play.

Although exercises #1 to #4 are used for ear training purposes and for practicing your ability to move between different note values, you can still apply them to your everyday playing. We suggest using them as drum fills by orchestrating the strokes around the drum set – as Jared did by using the rhythmic pattern of exercise #4 as a drum fill on exercise #6 – or as broken hi-hat patterns.

Once you’ve been through this free drum lesson, we encourage you to keep expanding on your knowledge of note values by moving on to the free drum lesson “How To Count 16th Note Triplets“.




  • Bitrus titus kubo says:

    My name is bitrus titus kubo.my ambition is to see am playing the drums toomuch but no one can teach me pls if u can help me call this numb.09010529571.or09040029415

  • Prince Coundeh says:

    I really like all of Drumeo’s lessons, especially when Eric Moore is teaching, he laughs 😂 all the time, and that makes the lesson more effective to understand. Thanks!

  • Mathew says:

    Pls I one to know how to play drum can u help me up.

  • Aaron says:

    Ive been playing for a few years just like a hobby and was just watching these beginer lessons to see if i could pick up on anything that could help me, came across exercise 4 and was like stumped i felt like a drum noob but i was like how can I not get this but as i started the counting of the 1 & ah 2 i was like ohhh yeah all made sense great videos counting out loud really helps

  • Luca JG says:

    JUST GOT A DRUM KIT 4 CHRISTMAS 2DAY!!!!!!!! Jared u r amazing 🙂 really helpful

  • Alan says:

    Jared, Great job teach this boring stuff. I played many many years years ago and got the bug to pick it up again. I have been told forget it you can’t get it back. Let me tell you I am getting it back. Thanks to your online lessons this 61 year old is determined to kick butt on the drums again. I’m having a blast do the boring stuff and the other lessons I never would take the time to do when I was younger. Thanks
    I like all kinds of music and if you want to check out a great drum song from my younger days check a group called Tower of Power – What Is Hip ? CD version on youtube

    Alan – Canandaigua, NY

  • christian says:

    loved that sound using triplets and eigth notes together 😀

  • Ashane says:

    thankx a lot sir!!!!!

  • Jared Falk says:


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