How To Mic Toms

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk and DrumLessons.com sound engineer Victor Guidera, guide you through the microphones and miking techniques used for getting the tom-tom sound you hear on all the free drum lessons on DrumLessons.com. This free drum lesson on tom miking has tips for bottom and top microphone positioning, and includes some tricks you can use to avoid microphone leakage.

You have to realize that there are numerous factors that contribute to the sound you’ll be getting from your toms. Having good quality tom-toms, good tuning and drumming abilities, comes before having the best microphones and knowing the best miking techniques in the world. You should work on getting your toms to sound as awesome as possible before you start capturing its sound with a microphone. Therefore, if you’re lacking on good tuning skills and knowledge on muffling techniques, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “How To Tune Your Toms” and “How To Muffle Your Drums“. For improving on your drumming abilities and to work on the way you hit your toms, check the free drum lessons “Beginner Tom-Tom Drum Beats” and “Quarter Note Drum Fills“.

If you’d like to learn more about how to mic other instruments on your drum set, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “How To Mic A Bass Drum“, “How To Mic A Snare Drum“, and “How To Mic Cymbals“.

To learn about common technical terms and theory behind drum set miking for both live and studio settings, check the free drum lesson “Drum Set Mic Technique Overview“. You’ll learn about audio spectrums, frequency responses, and how the type of microphones used affects the overall sound you’re capturing.




  • Scott Trevethan says:


    Do you have a lesson pertaining to practice pads / heads etc.? I use my e drums a lot and the rebound is much higher than my acoustic. I have damped my e drums with rubber shelf paper and it comes closer to reality but not quite. do you have recommends or leads on this subject?

    Scott Trevethan

    Dayton Ohio

  • Luis says:

    May be a drum question but I’m gonna put mics on my drum set because I play in a band were going to close a room around the drums. Is it better to buy mics for each tom or just like out one mic in the middle of two toms???

  • EliteTwisted says:

    What all software and stuff like that do i need to mic/record my drums?

  • Matt says:

    stupid question, I know, but if I have 3 rack toms and 2 floor times then I need 5 of the exact same tom mics?

  • bhupesh ameta says:

    sir thanks for this lesson that how to mic drums n after this my drum kit produce the solid n dynamic sound thanks a lot

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