Introduction To Blast Beats

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free live drum lesson, Sean Lang–drummer for melodic death-metal band First Reign and an instructor at DrumLessons.com–teaches you to play the traditional blast beat and the hammer blast beat. He also goes about a couple variations on those blast beats and exercises for increasing your blast-beat speed and endurance.

Due to the frantic nature of the music where blast beats are played on, it can be extremely difficult to cope with the speeds at what they have to be performed. If that wasn’t enough, carrying oneself through an entire gig at full throttle and without tiering out is even more challenging. To help you get around those issues, Sean Lang shares some tips on how to increase your endurance and talks about hybrid hammer blast beats as a solution for playing blast beats at speeds you wouldn’t normally be able to. For more information on hybrid hammer blast beats and some heavy-metal drum fills, check the free drum lesson “Heavy-Metal Drumming.”

This free live drum lesson is a great companion to the free drum lesson “Heavy-Metal Blast Beats” that we have here for you on DrumLessons.com. Once you’ve been through this free heavy-metal drum lesson, be sure to check that one out. There, you’ll not only learn about blast beats but also about slower heavy-metal drum beats known as skank beats.




  • milan says:

    what are you using on your kick?

  • Auntie says:

    i have an iphone and i boghut this app called video camera thats all it’s called lol anyways my cousin and I filmed some videos and we want to put them on the PC but I don’t know how can anyone help?

  • Jordi says:

    This is really great, thank you for bringing all these great lessons to us!

    Well, I have some question. I want to know which kind of drumset would make blast beats sound right. Are all snare drums suitable for such a whole sound? Hi-hats also sound really crisp and thin.

  • Gabriel says:

    Some of the blasts felt a little sloppy to me.

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