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In this free live drum lesson, Jared Falk, Sean Lang, and Dave Atkinson take you through some of the most popular bass drum techniques out there and teach you some exercises to help you develop them. Jared teaches the heel-toe technique, Dave teaches the slide technique, and Sean teaches the flat foot technique. This free drum lesson is also directed to helping you develop your ability to play fast single strokes with the double pedal, and use your hi-hat foot creatively within your drumming.

To watch the live lesson in it’s entirety simply click on the play button. The live lesson is split up into four 15-minute sections. Once you reach the end of a section the next section will automatically load and begin to play. If you would like to skip ahead to a different section, go to the bottom right-hand side corner of the video player and click on this icon . A list of the four videos will appear, enabling you to select which part of the lesson you would like to jump ahead to.

Part #1 is dedicated to teaching you how to play the slide technique. The first section of part #2 is dedicated to exploring the slide triplet, a technique that combines the slide technique with single strokes on the double pedal. The second section of part #2 is all about the flat foot technique and exercises for developing double pedal technique. The heel-toe technique is taught in part #3. You’ll learn how to play, develop, and use it creatively by applying it to drum rudiments and the hi-hat foot pedal. With part #4 you’ll get access to extra tips and tricks for developing speed, stamina and control over these bass drum techniques.

Once you’re done with this free drum lesson, and if you’re interested in improving your double pedal technique, check the free drum lessons “Double Bass Speed Tips” and Double Bass Warm-Ups to work on speed, stamina and control. You can also check the free drum lesson “Flat Foot Technique” to learn more about this great technique for playing fast single strokes.

If playing fast double strokes is what you’d rather be working on, then you’re in luck. This free drum lesson gives you a great overview of the best techniques for doing so. But if you want to learn more about them, we encourage you to watch the free drum lessons “Heel-Toe Technique” and “Slide Technique“.

If you’d like to further your knowledge on foot technique check the “Bass Drum Boot Camp“.




  • Ambrose Day says:

    How can i meet Jared please.
    I am a Nigerian
    please help me; i Just wanna be rough in music

  • Ambrose Day says:

    Jared you’re the best

  • ukaba joseph says:

    i want to build speed and strength on my leg on the bass drum.

  • BassDrumLearner24 says:

    I struggle with all of them, I basicly always have my heel touching the bottom of the pedal

  • Zak says:

    Thanks a lot Jared and Sean (but not Dave). The flat foot technique and the heel-toe technique have changed my life in drumming! But I suck at the slide technique.

  • brad says:

    i struggle with speed and change up form slow to fast or rather 1\8th to 1\16th !

  • Raunak says:

    hey Jared (master), Sean(ma hero in metal) n Dave……. i mainly struggle in bass about how much tension do i set up in my bass pedal spring………. I mean if its too less……16th notes never work n if its too much………i guess my muscle just freaks out…….so what do you suggest???? again…… you guys rock…… ( i m new n guess thats not too silly 😉 )

  • Brian says:

    My biggest struggle with Bass drum technique is speed and heel toe technique.

  • Prathamesh Chari says:

    Itz a brilliant exercize i loved it!!!!!!!!! thnx jared,sean and dave sir.itz osssssum……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winckler says:

    I would like to know if you can make a hybrid heel-toe and slide technique, because the way I use the heel-toe is by starting at the middle of my pedal, then moving it up to the top of the board making the first beat, and moving it back to the middle of the board for the second beat?

  • Cyril T George says:

    i need to know how to speed up the bassdrum along with my Hi hat counting.
    ad secondly how to speed up the tom tom.

  • justin says:

    how do you change the spring tension

  • Jeremy Rishard Davis says:


  • Drummer4God_13 says:

    I love the drums, been playing for about three years and i am a fast learner. What I have trouble is not really with the bass drum in general, but mainly speed a little and getting the off beats. I have trouble with the toms and getting around with them. Thank you guys so much with these lessons. I like watching you’al play! God bless!

  • matteo says:

    what pedal are u 3 using?

  • Eyal says:

    Hi Jared!
    I really like your site and lessons, I learned a lot from you guys.
    My struggles with Bass drum, is clearly the fast 16th notes, or just 2 notes, so I tried to learn the heel toe without succes, so I went to the slide where I got a little bit better, but I just can’t get control of these.. I feel very un controled when I play these..
    So what I’m asking for, are just some exercises to help me, I think my problem is that I don’t know how to excersise foot technuiqe..
    I saw the other videos of bass drum, I did those and it doesn’t really help me..
    I am a single pedal, and I play alot of Jazz, Funk, fusion and so on,
    I tried to go latin and samba, and the only thing keeping me from playing it right is my foot..
    I feel like my hands are much more developed from my feet..
    How can Improve them?
    Thank you very much, I would be very happy if you reply.

  • Angel says:

    Do i have to play the 40 rudiments with my foot too?

  • Yohan Giho says:

    . . .wooooohhh coooooLL. . .
    jared falk, i struggle on my feet, how to fast kick with only a single pedal, . . .whats the secret how to fasten my kick , with out using double pedal, . . =D
    your so awesome . . . .cooL! every time i watch videos in this site, i inspire to learn more about drums, and improve my drummin, . .thanks

  • David Sumpter says:

    I was I a car accident many yearago. It makes it hard to play the bass. Can you help me with some new te3chnique to help me with this. Sincerly Old Hippy Rocker

  • peter says:

    i wnt to know how to double kick that fast

  • Icarus Walker says:

    Hey thank you helping me understanding how to play and how add fills to my playing and MY ALL TIME DRUM HERO IS COBUS P>

  • jose codes says:

    do you have clasess in sapnish ?

  • jose codes says:

    quisiera saber si tienen clases traducidas al español.
    muchas gracias.

  • darren says:

    Jared,very nice switch up, by interacting with others during lesson.Well done, showing the different techniques with different drummers.This does make it more appealing to me.I do like to see all the different ways of doing things.Keep up the fantastic work.Darren.

  • matthew salinas says:

    i need speed and more of a technical way to move my feet

  • Mike Donald says:

    HI Jared, thanks for all you do! I believe you are the most professional and complete drumming website and not only website, but you produce very nice products.

    Now for a bass drum question , I have a problem with not bieng able to get my bass peddle spring tension tight enough, it’s all the way tight. Can I put a tighter spring? or do I have to check aroung for a different peddle? I am useing a DW 6000 Double peddle.

    Your Freind,
    Mike Donald

  • Ndumiso says:

    Hey jared….i can play drums but i want to be the best drum player for my church…i was wondering if i could get videos that i can download because i don’t have drums at home so i practice at church…please help me jared….and man you rock..you the best, hope you can help me. thanks in advance

  • reddrum says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been working on the heel-toe technique and i can do it with much ease than at the beginning so i im started to combine it with my left foot so i can play 16th notes at a slow-med tempo. The thing is; i cant do the technique within a beat, my feet just get stuck; so i start again only with my feet and it happens, but when i try to play a beat again just dont get it… any help??

  • Christian Ziegler says:

    Jared, hey!

    I’m struggling with triple strokes and since you are a heel-toe player who can not do the slide technique like me (I will keep on trying to develop it though) I was wondering how you do triple strokes.

    I found a way of doing it (there is a post with a video in the forums) but I can’t do it very fast and the second stroke is kind of weak.

    Chris (feigi)

  • Mike Nichols says:

    Thanks that was great. I’ve been working on Sean’s technique. It’s good to confirm I’m going in the right direction. I’ve been working on heel toe also, but it seems awquard. I’ve played heel up 42 yr. so it’s hard to learn something that is so different. I’ll keep working at it though. I think it is strengthening my mussles so as to improve my heel up technique.

  • Aqib says:

    I’m really confused. I’ve been using the double bass pedals for 4 months. Took all the lessons supplied by FDL. The lessons were showed by Dave where he used the heels up method and I mastered some of the beats neatly. The other techniques are getting extremely difficult.

  • Jake Morenc says:

    Thank you Sean i now know how to properly use the flat foot technique and i can go much faster now. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Neilashish says:

    I m always confused that which technique should be used to play faster double bass……

  • Peter says:

    If I concentrate too much on my bass, I seize up on the beat I’m trying to maintain, so I have to find the sweet spot between total concentration and groovin’. Hope that makes sense.

  • nick povey says:

    I have been using the slide technique for a while, but sometimes my control lags behind my speed on some days. What often happens is that Ill do really quick groups of 2 but the notes will just blend into each other till I eventually cant even hear that its two notes instead of one. I think this is because I un consciously bury the beater between my slides, is this the case ?

  • Anthony Iaccino says:


    NICE Jared! Been waiting to see them in action. Sweet!

  • Ajay says:

    Oh! and sometimes when i’m playing using the heel toe technique i get 3 notes out of it? Is that my pedal? like problems with the spring or something else? I think I play the first note with my heel but i get 2 bounces off my bass drum. Any pointers?

  • Ajay says:

    hey my biggest struggle would be doing fast stuff with my hands, 16th/32nd notes with accents and stuff and still keep some more diverse bass drum stuff. In your jam session i notived that in all your fills you guys were doing some sweet stuff with the bass drum too, i’m really sloppy with it so help making it more intentional with my foot would be sweet.

  • Jared Falk says:

    Hey everyone! Do you have any comments? Leave them here and we can chat more about the video. Thanks!

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