Sean Lang Drum Solo

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Heavy-metal drummers are usually perceived as one-dimensional musicians that lack groove and dynamic control. Heavy-metal’s need for speed and volume tends to overshadow the highly technical and musical persona that’s within the double-pedal loving, speed-freak known as heavy-metal drummer. This drum solo showcases exactly how there’s more to heavy-metal drummers than meets the ear. With some very cool rhythmic ideas and dynamic contours, Sean Lang tells a story of his own in the form of a drum solo that’s worth watching and, most important of all, hearing.

Like any other piece of music, you can learn a lot from this one if you take some time to analyze it. Drum-solo study is frequently used to learn about this great art form and to develop one’s vocabulary and library of solo patterns and drum fills. It’s also a great way to study your favorite drummers’ styles. If you’re interested in developing similar chops to the ones Sean Lang showcases in this video or studying his style of playing and concepts, we highly encourage you to watch the free live drum lessonsFlat Foot Technique” and “Developing Speed.”




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