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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Since most drummers’ lead hand and foot are on the same side of the body, playing different patterns between them is the first big issue beginner drummers usually face when first starting out. Having gone through this issue himself, Jared Falk knows as much about how frustrating this can be as how to overcome it. If you’re a beginner drummer facing independence issues, you’re in luck. In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk provides five exercises that will get your 4-way independence going and your limbs working on different rhythms.

Once you’ve gone through these exercises and are able to play them comfortably, we highly encourage you to play them with different limb combinations. What we mean by this is to repeat the same exercises but with your hands reversed: weaker hand on the hi-hat and lead hand on the snare. If you have a double bass pedal or two bass drums, lead the exercises with the weaker foot as well. Remember to avoid flams between hands and feet. If you’re flamming, you’re not doing it right.

Another cool way to keep working on these exercises and to really step up your drum independence is to add different hi-hat foot patterns to the mix. Check the free drum lessons on left-foot independence and combine these drum independence exercises with the 8th note hi-hat patterns you’ll find there.




  • Sunny living says:

    I’m a beginner for drum please help me out I love it

  • Wisdom says:

    I really love this

  • Spenc roden says:

    Can you send me more mp3

  • Mubarak says:

    Can I practice those lessons on sample pad drum is it ok or there’s other technic or that

    Best regards

  • Hamlet samuel says:

    Good teacher

  • shabangi says:

    je veux commencer le cours de batterie

  • atandadanielolaiwol says:

    Every day lesson

  • lol says:

    pause it at 0:52. wtf is up with those eyebrows?

  • charles buschmann says:

    Please explain the 4way independence and who are some of the top drummers who use this technique. I sent another comment earlier but was not sure it went through.

  • charles buschmann says:

    I was wondering what a 4 way independence is all about and who are the top drummers who use this technique.

  • Chandler says:


    As a new drummer (at 44), I didn’t know (or was in denial) on how much I needed this lesson. To me, this separation of arms and legs seems foundational in learning the right way to play – and to progress faster. These are my 5 lessons for the month. I’m not moving on until I master them. Thanks Jared.

    Regards, Chandler, Dallas, Texas

  • Ari says:

    Thanks a lot!
    It’s not easy to find real practical and well-explained video lessons online… Your tips and exercises are exceptionally helpful! 🙂

  • opeyemi daniel says:

    i dont have any experience with drums. i dont know if there is anyone to explain those terms to me. i really wanna be a good drum expert

  • Heartwill Wemegah says:

    I’m very much happy I got to know abt your site…I’m really learning from your drum lessons. Thank you so much.

  • Sean Manning says:

    These exercises are fun. I discovered that I can practice them while sitting at an invisible drum kit in front of my computer. (along with using imaginary sticks)

  • MJ says:

    your so good, thank you soooo much! im a beginner and i learned a lot to all your videos.

  • Al says:


    I’m so glad that I found this lesson! This addresses the exact problem that I’m having. (well one of many….)


  • Faghan Pocsi says:

    Good day all, maybe you can help me. In this video, on bars 1; 2 and 3 Jared hits the high-hat (represented with the symbol x), however on bars 4 and 5 he only closes the high-hat (also represented with the symbol x). My question is how can hitting the high-hat and closing the high-hat be represented by the same symbol?

    • Sean Ayre says:

      I know this is 2 months later but….you’ll notice notice that it’s higher up on the staff by one line.

  • Jardus Smith says:

    I have discovered another helpful tip with regards to independance:

    As drummers we love to tap along to songs and beats almost everywhere we go. I caught myself doing that a lot on my lap with my hands while driving or sitting still for too long. The problem is that you will tend to play the same accents (or counts) with your right hand on your right leg and same for the left side. I realised that this didn’t help much in terms of independance. Try swapping it around for example, play your imaginary high-hat beats with the opposite hand on the other leg or try to avoid tapping on your legs at all. Just by doing this I have made a mind swift and focussed more towards independance when not behind my kit.

    Happy drumming.

    • Chandler says:


      I just recognized this a few days ago while, “playing the steering wheel” on the way to work. Inadvertently, if you do this, you’re creating bad habits. Great tip to remember. Thanks.

      Regards, Chandler, Dallas, Texas

  • Bob Sayer says:

    I HAD to buy a Cowbell after hearing Creedence Clearwater Revival & it was A huge (11 inch) black “Shallock” & it Shocked the neighbours. Adding it into my beginner lessons made beginner lessons fun. Keep up keepng up from Bob in Australia.

  • Sevinç Şimşek says:

    This is an amazing website,I’m a beginner drummer and really helping me to improve myself,thank you so much.

  • shawnees marcum says:

    I love taking these drum lessons its really fun and easy!!

  • Bryan potter says:

    Druming rocks and so does this websit

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