Sean Lang's Drum Gear

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this video, Sean Lang walks you through the drums, cymbals, hardware and drumsticks he uses while gigging and recording free drum lessons for DrumLessons.com. He discusses some of the aspects he likes the most about his drum gear and why he chose to use it in the first place.

Below you’ll find Sean Lang‘s drum-gear specs:

Casey Drums – Stain Series Drum Set with a black-to-purple burst finish (satin) – 6″x14″ Snare, 8″x10″ Hi-Tom, 9″x12″ Mid-Tom, 14″x14″ Floor Tom, 16″x16″ Floor Tom and two 18″x20″ Bass Drums.

Sabian Cymbals:

  • Hi-Hat – 13″ HHX Evolution
  • Ride – 20″ HH Leopard Ride
  • Crashes – 16″ and 19″ AAXplosion
  • Effects – 10″ AAX Splash and 18″ APX China

Evans Drumheads:

  • Batter Heads – Clear G2s on the rack toms and a clear EC2 on the floor tom, a Genera HD dry on the snare drum and an EMAD2 on the bass drum.

Los Cabos Drumsticks – 5A Intense.

Axis Hardware – Classic Axis Longboards in black with Pearl quad-beaters.




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