How To Count 32nd Notes

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free video drum lesson, DrumLessons.com instructor Jared Falk teaches you how to count 32nd notes, and how to relate them to quarter notes, 8th notes, and 16th notes. He does so by using some simple but effective exercises and fills. Jared also teaches you how to read and write 32nd notes.

Before going through this free drum lesson, be sure to check the free drum lessons “How To Count Quarter Notes“, “How To Count 8th Notes“, and “How To Count 16th Notes“. They are the basis for everything you’ll learn here. So having a good understanding of quarter notes, 8th notes and 16th notes will help you master this lesson’s content a lot faster.

Although exercises #1 to #4 are used for ear training purposes and for practicing your ability to move between different note values, you can still apply them to your everyday playing. We suggest using them as drum fills by orchestrating the strokes around the drum set, or as broken hi-hat patterns.

Once you’ve been through this free drum lesson, we encourage you to keep expanding on your knowledge of note values by moving on to the free drum lesson “How To Count 8th Note Triplets“.