Playing With A Bass Player

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

A rhythm section provides rhythmic texture and pulse to the music. They serve as a reference for the rest of the band and can be found in virtually every style of music. The instruments used in a rhythm section vary with style of music and era. Drum set, bass guitar, piano and guitar are the more frequent ones. However, no matter the style, the drum set and bass guitar are the core instruments of any rhythm session. It’s crucial to have them work together as a cohesive unit since they set the general feel and pulse for the rest of the band. In this free live drum lesson, Jerry Adolphe and his good friend and bassist Dennis Marcenko give you some tips on how to work with a bass player in order to make the best sounding and feeling music as possible.

Playing as a musician instead of as a drummer is one of the main issues you may face when coming up with parts for songs. A full-blown musician focus solely on the music and on how to make it sound as good as possible. This doesn’t mean a drummer isn’t a musician. It means that to be a true musician, a drummer has to use his skills to serve the music to the best of his abilities and not to play fancy licks.

To help you out with this, Jerry Adolphe assembled a collection of cool tips for this free live drum lesson. They’ll help you hone your skills as a musician, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced drummer. You’ll learn how to play with a bassist in different styles of music, how to write parts for songs and how to suit your drumming to other musicians’ solo sections. Playing drum fills with a bassist and complementing his parts with snare and bass drum patterns are other popular topics this video touches base on as well.

Once you’ve been through this free drum lesson, improve your groove by watching “Developing Groove On The Drums” and “Larnell Lewis Drumeo Lesson“.




  • Art Tyler says:

    Hi Gerry!
    It’s Art Tyler here and just wanting to send you a happy greeting. How are you? Are you playing?
    I would love to meet with you for a coffee or whatever and “shoot the breeze” for a bit. I haven’t any idea what you’re up to these days. I’m in a trio with Bruce Davies and Don Peterson. Good fun and playing.
    Please get back to me Ger… I would love to meet with you.
    Art …?

  • Christopher Malaluan says:

    Wow that’s absolutely amazing..more videos with them please..

  • Robb says:

    Great vid, thanks for sharing!

  • Jordi says:

    Great lesson.
    After half an hour of listening to it, you can’t help but notice how much they do listen to each other to prevent everything from falling apart, while still keeping their own expression into it.
    I doubt it is as easy as they make it seem like. Good job.

  • Kent Pineda says:

    Thanks for uploading this vid.. 😀
    Their explaination helped mo understand the lesson easier..

  • Harsh PRanit KAchhap says:

    Great tutorial …….learnt lots of things…specially staying in the groove…It was a pleasure to watch both of you

  • Britt says:

    What a fun lesson. Lots of good stuff. FInding a good bassist is so difficult – not a guitarist who can play bass, but a bassist who plays bass.

  • henry lubowa says:

    thanks, great stuff,
    much love from Uganda, east africa

  • Richard Bartolomei says:

    Great bass player,To much of one fill parradidle between snare hats and cymbals. It really gets monotonous. where as the back beat gone too.lol

  • Einar says:

    Funny what he says about Not playing what the guitar player is playing when he’s soloing, maybe you can catch the end of it. I wanna know more about it because that’s how Mike Mangini got his gig with Dream Theater.

  • Ein says:

    Why you couldn’t orchestrate the bass and drum to play different stuff in HARMONY? Music is about creativity.

  • Donna Carroll says:

    I would love to take lessons from Jerry he is awesome and my kind of people!I think i could progress so much faster if Jerry was my teacher! Great stuff guys!

  • Dan says:

    How come there is never any sheet music available???? That is not fair for those who can’t watch live and can download it then….

    • Janado says:

      Hey Dan,

      This lesson doesn’t have any sheet music associated with it because it doesn’t have any.

      Take care.

  • Josué P. says:

    There isn’t any sheet music?
    Great vid.

    • Janado says:

      Hey Josué,

      This lesson doesn’t have any sheet music associated with it because it doesn’t have any.

      Take care.

  • Anthony Breslin says:

    Feel and Groove mmmmm Great vid!

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