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In this free drum lesson, Dave Atkinson introduces you to the slide technique. The slide technique is Dave’s weapon of choice for playing fast double strokes with a single pedal. This is an awesome technique to develop and learn since it enables you to play double strokes without the need to use a double bass drum pedal. Therefore, you’ll still be able to open and close your hi-hat while adding some cool doubles here and there. Give this lesson a try; you won’t be disappointed.

As you practice the slide technique at increasingly faster tempos, you’ll have to meld the two motions into one single sliding motion with the foot. It’s this motion that will enable you to play a fast double, since you’ll get two strokes for the price of one. The motions required to play this technique are very simple to master. What’s difficult here is getting to play two consistent sounding strokes at a faster tempo. This is something that will take time since you’ll need to build your leg muscles to play the fast doubles. Keep at it and you’re sure to master this technique. If you’d like to learn exercises for developing the slide technique, go through the free drum lesson”Intermediate Single Pedal Bass Drum Speed” and check parts #1 and #2 of the free drum lesson “Bass Drum Speed Techniques“.

The heel-toe technique is another very popular method for playing very fast double strokes with only one foot. Go through the free drum lesson on the heel-toe technique next, so you can see which one suits your style the best. If you’d like to further your knowledge on foot technique check the “Bass Drum Boot Camp“.




  • Okwusboy says:

    Its nice and womderful want to learn

  • Christikai says:

    When using the slide technique for double bass, should you play like a double stroke with your hands, or should you intertwine so that the beaters alternate like a single stroke roll?

  • John says:

    Nice lesson!
    Could you give some tips on how to adjust the bass pedal to make the slide technique easier? Bass pedals (especially new ones) are quite complicated, and I’m not sure if I have the wrong technique or the wrong settings on the pedal. Or even the wrong pedal or shoes. This is a topic which is ignored by almost all the online lessons I found.
    Again, great lesson and keep the coming!

  • kamari says:

    when i saw the video i got on my set and immediately saw a differance

  • ralph dhan bula says:

    Dave atkinson grandson of rowan atkinson JOWK….this is my first time seeing this video i got happy super happy . you see i use the technique same as yours and i have students in the church where i play and im really having a hard time to explain it to them. i want them to practice this so that while they where still kids , the knowledge of having a single pedal double hit on a base drum will stick into their minds,

    By that way sir your are so good at that technique, I am Ralph dhan sir, a Church drummer currently 19 and 1/4 years old, 5 years experienced drummer. and im on college right now and im really happy to see videos that explains this one. You see i did not go to school of drummers.

    p.s. like my page on facebook


  • Huck says:

    I was wondering the same question. How to do triple and quadruple and more with the slide technique ?

    • ralph dhan bula says:

      QUADRUPLE is simple with slide technique but triple really i cant do it its so heard to control

      hey like my page search in facebook : Drummerguyralph you will learn lessons also their

    • Aleksey says:

      Quick question, which code slohud I use to set the volume of my background music to an specific level I want people to be able to listen to the background music and able to mute or unmute but I don’t want the music volume to be at the highest level thanks in advance.

  • Vk says:

    is it possible to do triple strokes with the slide technique?

  • Peter Mayhew says:

    Slide, good for heel up drummers like me

  • kim says:

    nice shoes

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