Cool Linear Drum Fill

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to play a very cool quarter-bar 32nd note linear drum pattern and how to use it for coming up with different half- and quarter-bar drum fills. He also shows how helpful this 32nd note linear pattern can be for improving your mobility around the drum set.

Most drum fills taught and played are full-bar long, so the linear drum fills you’ll find in here are quite unique. They’ll give you the opportunity to work on quarter- and half-bar drum fills. A quarter-bar drum fill is a fill that’s one count long: it starts and ends on count four. A half-bar drum fill is a fill that starts halfway through the bar, or count three, and ends on count four.

Once you’ve taken as much as you can from this free drum lesson, we encourage you to check “Playing Fills On Different Counts.” In it, Dave Atkinson expands on the quarter- and half-bar drum fill concept we’ve taught you in this lesson, by unveiling other places in a bar of music where your linear drum fills–or any other drum fills for that matter–can be started.

If you’d rather keep learning more 32nd note and even 16th note triplet drum fills, move on to the one-hour long free drum lesson “Linear Drum Fills.” For improving improvisational skills and creativity while playing linear drum fills, you should definitely check the free drum lesson “Linear Drum Fill Improvisation.”




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