Combining Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Every pattern you play is a blend of rhythms from a finite set that are spread around the different instruments on a drum set. You can take distinct patterns and mix their phrasing for coming up with totally new ones. This is something that works great for the development of fresh drum beats and drum fills. In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk shows how combining the phrasing from different drum fills is an awesome tool for coming up with new drum fills and working on your creativity.

If you’d like to learn more about concepts for working on your drum-fill creativity, check the free drum lessons “Playing Fills Backwards” and “Playing Fills On Different Counts.” You can combine the concepts from those free drum lessons with the one from this one for coming up with thousands of new cool sounding drum fills.

Any pattern you learn on the drum set can be modified to give birth to an almost unlimited supply of new ones. The way they’re modified relies on many variables that are controlled by the drummer. The way each drummer approaches these variables, how he uses and explores them is what makes him unique. It’s not what’s in front of you that matters but what you do with it and how you do it. So, learning a drum fill as his and not messing around with it is a wasted opportunity. You’ll never develop your own voice if you don’t find out what you like and work on it. This is the true source of originality and creativity. If you don’t know how to start working on your own voice, check the free drum lesson “Expressing Yourself On The Drums.”

Once you start developing new drum fills with this concept, you’ll definitely need a musical setting to test them with. You can do so with the play-along we created specifically for mastering drum fills that we have for you on DrumLessons.com.

As soon as you’re done with this free drum lesson or would like to learn new drum fills, move on to the free drum lessons “Cool Linear Drum Fill” and “Heel-Toe Technique Drum Fills.” The patterns from those free drum lessons are a bit challenging but once mastered will sound awesome. They’re also great for applying all these concepts to.