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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The world of drumming education has changed quite a bit over the last fifteen years or so. With the advent of the internet – and lately – with the increase of bandwidth and video quality, and with the development of huge libraries of free drum lessons in the form of FreeDrumLessons.com and DrumLessons.com, it became possible to learn how to play drums accurately and thoroughly without the aid of a drum teacher or of buying any sorts of drum books and drum DVDs. In this video, Jared Falk explains how you can use DrumLessons.com and the free drum lessons you’ll find within, to help out your drummer friends and the online drumming community.

These free drum lessons have enabled people living in remote areas of the world, to learn how to play drums entirely for free with only an internet connection. Every free drum lesson on DrumLessons.com has buttons that let you automatically share them to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can find these buttons just below the write-ups. The internet is all about sharing and making content accessible to as much people as possible. So we encourage you to use those buttons if you have learned something useful from a given free drum lesson, so you can help out your friends and followers to get access to free content that you think might help them out.

DrumLessons.com is not only about providing high quality free drum lessons to the drumming community, but about giving away high quality and free drum gear as well. We encourage you to check to video “Contest Winners Announcement” to see the results of the first ever DrumLessons.com contest, and to learn how to win free drum sets, free cymbals, free drum gear and DVDs in the near future.




  • Edwin says:

    Wanna thanks you a lot for sharing those lessons which often are difficult to find in my town. I am really amazed of your ability to make the online lessons really exciting and easy to understand!, I’m really grateful to you, from Brussels

  • Jose Araya says:

    thanks man…you´re a great drummer…your tips are very nice and i have been learn more and more..thanks

  • jeff says:

    i just want to say thanks for all the vidoes,its been 10 years since ive played and all youre information is great,helping me to get back in the groove of things,keep up all the good stuff you guys offer

  • Jeremi says:

    Hello… I haven’t found videos with tips on playing music like the one you were playing in this video…I like the heavy stuff mainly so thats what i try to learn.. but sometimes the slow pretty stuff like this is fun to do… I would like to see videos on playing soft jazzy rhythmic stuff like this to give me ideas an techniques to practice to perfect them to sound amazing while playing slowly and softly….and if they are already there please point me in the right direction as i may just be blind

    P.S. some good tribal like stuff would be cool too!!!


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