Moving Around The Drums

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Moving around the drum set freely is fundamental for your development as a drummer. It enables you to play different combinations on the spot with various instruments. Working on this aspect of your drumming will actually have you developing a more organic approach to what you play; hence, making you way more musical. In this free live drum lesson, Kyle Radomsky teaches exercises for developing freedom around the drum set and discusses the influence of drum kit set-up on your speed.

Drum kit set-up is one of the topics Kyle Radomsky spends more time talking about in this video. A bad set-up can be detrimental to your playing and health. Experimenting with the way you set up the instruments on your drum set is the best way to go. Keep a look out for the set-up that optimizes your playing without sacrificing your comfort. If you’d like more information on this subject, check Jared Falk’s drum kit set-up tips.

If you take a look at the PDF sheet music, you’ll ascertain that a couple of the exercises are to be practiced with different sticking patterns. This is actually a very cool idea since it will open up new creative ideas around the drum set as you work on freeing up your limbs. This concept can actually be taken further. If you don’t have much time to work on technique for instance, take the drum rudiments you’re practicing right now and combine them with the drills from this free live drum lesson. Doing so will enable you to practice hand technique and drum set freedom in one sitting.

Once you’ve gone through this free drum lesson, watch this video to get an idea of what these exercises will do to the way you move around the drum set. Going through the free live drum lesson “Developing Speed Around The Kit” is a great idea as well. That lesson works in the same vein as this one and is crammed with exercises for improving your speed and comfort while moving around the drum set.




  • Balaji says:

    Excellent job

  • angus says:

    ehhh this may seem like a stupid question but what are the best type of shoes to wear to get the maximum grip on the bass drum pedals ive been wearing vans but they keep sliding all over the place

    • ferdinando says:

      My suggestion is dancing shoe or a shoe with no grip at all. The reason is, you can do a ‘sliding’ motion to do a double-stroke kick easily when you have no grip on your shoes, right? I use snicker shoes, and of course there’s a grip on it (dancing shoes is way too expensive for my wallet :D); to reduce the grip, i use a baby powder. Pour some of the baby powder on the carpet next to my pedal kick, and rub my bottom shoe on it, this will make my shoe less grip, so i can do a ‘slide’ motion on my pedal. This is only my opinion, but the rest it’s all up to you and how you developed your foot technique.
      Hope this one works for you 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Brilliant you guys are doing great. I am learning just from this lessons thanks alot people

  • Michael says:

    Brilliant you guys are doing great. I am learning just from this lessons thanks alot

  • Chris says:

    Nice exercise about moving around the kit to random places in order to get your mind thinking. I started off a bit jerky but after a few minutes it was a lot easier to flow around the kit, now I just have to build up the speed. Thanks, guys!!!

  • Rikkert says:

    Hey guys,

    I would really like the sheet music and the music resources (the .mp3’s) seperated. Now if I want the sheet music I have to wait for about 5 min for the download to complete. Really annoying.
    Thanks in advance.

  • David Twomey says:

    Hey I cant come to the live lessons because im in Europe and it would be 3 o clock in the night if i was to stay up and see my story is i still have my cheap millenium heads and cymbals that came with my cheap drum set and i bought 1 mic and a pa system to record myself playin and i dont have anymore money left to buy new drumheads or cymbald. I want to post a video on youtube for people to watch and even you could watch it so anyway since i cant make de live lessons i never get and free stuff and a drumhead r 2 r even a cymbal would help me alot to record with better drums, i would be very grateful Thank you…

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