Intermediate Broken Double Pedal Beats

Bass Drum Boot Camp

In this free heavy-metal drum lesson, Sean Lang continues to explore the world of broken double bass drum beats but on a more intermediate level. The heavy-metal drum beats you’ll find within are 32nd note based, so expect to be way more challenged than you were with the beginner broken heavy-metal double bass drum beats.

Playing 32nd notes at fast tempos can be challenging. Making these exercises way more easy to play and learn is actually up to you. You have to decide if you want to play them well and at fast tempos or if you want to have them sounding sloppy. If you choose the first option, you have to start practicing these broken heavy-metal drum beats slowly so you can surely get them to the fastest tempos you desire. Starting slow and moving slowly through the tempos on a metronome are the secrets to gaining oodles of speed. Funny right?! Slow is the secret to speed.

As soon as you’ve become very comfortable with these heavy-metal drum beats and have played them at various tempos, move on to the free heavy-metal drum lesson “Heavy-Metal Snare Drum Comping” right away. If you’re more interested in checking out some cool intermediate heavy-metal drum fills, move on to the free heavy-metal drum lesson “Intermediate Heavy-Metal Drum Fills.”