Hand To Feet Combination Fills

Bass Drum Boot Camp

Hand-to-feet combinations are nothing more than linear patterns played as drum fills. In this free live drum lesson Chris Warunki takes you through 10 of his favorite hand-to-feet combinations. These hand-to-feet combinations go from beginner all the way to advanced so there’s something for everyone to work on. Chris also gives you some tips on how to practice them efficiently and use them in a musical context.

The drum fills you’ll learn from Chris Warunki in this free drum lesson can and should be played with a single and a double pedal. If you only have a single bass drum pedal, use the hi-hat pedal as the slave pedal instead. Mess around with the hi-hat pedal even if you have a double pedal because it’ll give birth to creative and unique sounding hand-to-feet combinations.

Once you start getting comfortable with the drum fills taught in this free drum lesson, we encourage you to use them in a musical setting. You can do so with the play-along we created specifically for mastering drum fills.

There are a lot of cool free drum lessons on DrumLessons.com for you to keep studying hand-to-feet combinations with. For you beginner drummers, the free drum lesson “Beginner 16th Note Linear Drum Fills” is the best next option. Intermediate and advanced drummers will find in “Intermediate Broken 16th Note Drum Fills” and “Cool Linear Drum Fill,” respectively, some very challenging and cool sounding patterns to work on.




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