Adding Drags To Your Fills

The drag ruff is one of the 40 international drum rudiments. It’s also one of the seven essential drum rudiments, alongside the single stroke roll, the double stroke roll, the multiple bounce roll, the five stroke roll, the single paradiddle and the flam. It’s very important you become competent with at least these seven drum rudiments, since they’re heavily used in music and any other rudiment is based on them. In this lesson we’ll focus our attention on the drag ruff and how you can use it to spice up your drum fills.

Before you start working on this free drum lesson we encourage you to check Lionel Duperron’s free drum lesson on the drag ruff. There, you’ll learn how to play and practice the drag ruff on a single surface and how to apply it to drum fills and drum beats. The drum fills on that lesson are a bit easier to play than these ones. Working through that lesson before doing so with this one will make it easier to master these exercises.

You’ll have to play fast double strokes with one foot on one of the drum fills. You can use whatever technique you see fit, but if you’d like to use the same one as Jared does in the video, check his free drum lesson on the heel-toe technique.

Once you start getting comfortable with the drum fills taught in this free drum lesson, we encourage you to use them in a musical setting. You can do so with the play-along we created specifically for mastering drum fills.




  • Jacob Hasse says:

    The drum rudiments are sweet and are soul treatment. I need the drums sheets please. Thanks.

  • Isaac Tainer says:

    Plz I Need Drum Pratice Notes

  • George says:

    KK-R-L-R-L+R-RR KK-RR KK-R+L-X. I need the drum sheet of this fill. thanks

  • George says:


  • George says:

    Hi, guy, I have been following your drumming steps but unfortunately along the line I missed out in the aspect of dragging, so I need the sheet of dragging. my pleasure to meet you sir.thanks

  • Kyros says:

    Cool lesson Jared. So interesting. Everytime I see you play it’s like it’s easy for a drummer like me. But thanks for a great lesson!

  • Jim Hamann says:

    Good stuff as usual Jared. Old guy here, full of bad habits from learning strictly from playing by ear since the early ’70s. I am glad to finally learn the proper way of drumming. Thanks to you, Lionel and your guests.

  • Johnathan says:

    Thank you for the lesson and I use a lot of drags in my drumming so I really like this one and would like to learn more drag fills.I like 5 the most it has a nice flow to it and it is the one I’ll be practicing the most.

  • Chris says:

    The first beat of #4 isn’t written the way you are playing it. You are playing the 16ths on the floor tom and snare as 32nds and getting to the open hi hat to early

  • Isaiah says:

    Any drum lessons for left handed drummers?

  • Russell Sechler says:

    Thank you Jared,
    I do already use drags in my fills however your ideas are very fresh to me and I like number 4 the most. I am returning to the basics and retracing a 32 year process drumming. You guys are helpign me all the way with your kpackages. I only wish I could afford edge.
    Thanks again and keep it up!

  • Matt says:

    Thank you sooo much Jared. I am a new drummer, only been at it maybe a year with electronic drums. Have had my acoustic kit for maybe 2 months. Big difference. You make everything easy to follow and understand. Plus your playing is so smooth and clean. Great job and keep the videos coming.

  • Cedric says:

    Cool way to put these fills, Thanks for helping me to build my library. Are Those Evans Black Chime Heads And If So How Do You Like’em? Compared To The G2’s

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