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Independence is the holy grail of drumming. It’s what enables a drummer to play anything he wants to on a given moment. Therefore, working on improving your independence will hail great results in regards to your ability to be more musical and to play by feel with ease. In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk takes you through a bass drum independence etude designed to free your bass drum leg from Quarter note, 8th note, 16th note, and 32nd note based hand patterns. If you’re having any issues with freeing up your bass drum leg from your hi-hat hand, this free drum lesson will do wonders for you.

If you’re not used to playing a certain combination between your hands and feet you won’t be able to play it at higher speeds from the get-go. Going at it too fast too soon will only hinder your progress and make you sound sloppy. The secret for mastering this etude comes from working on it slowly at first, regardless of the hand pattern you’ve chosen to play on top of it. The more control you have over it at slow tempos, the faster and cleaner you’ll sound. Take your time with this etude. One of the biggest assets you can develop as a musician is patience. It will do wonders for you drumming.

When you feel you have nothing more to take from this free drum lesson, you can keep on experimenting with new options. Take any Quarter note, 8th note, 16th note, and 32nd note based hand pattern from this website and go through the etude with it. We encourage you to start by checking the free drum lessons “Beginner Tom-Tom Drum Beats” and “Half-Time Drum Beats” to do so.

Another cool thing you can do to keep furthering your bass drum independence is moving the 8th note hi-hat strokes, or any broken hi-hat rhythms that you enjoy, to the bow and bell of the ride cymbal and use your hi-hat foot to play 8th note patterns. This will have you working on 4-way coordination, new and interesting grooves, and will challenge you even further.




  • Yute says:

    This kit looks so good

  • pwny says:

    Jared did you say 5 beat PM ? O_O eum no coments .


    Excellent lesson!!!!!!!! Thanks Jared..

  • Auth says:

    Great weitbse Cool post, I really enjoyed reading it. I will check out your site for some more content on this subject .

  • Saurian says:

    Jared, this is great. Not only do I have some great new ideas for writing and practicing, but I also nailed the eighth-note hi-hat pattern part in about a half-an-hour. It needs work, but I’ve gained back a lot of confidence in my drumming abilities. Thanks, man!

  • Tyler says:

    I think you should suggests songs that would help with this kind of stuff. Like give the lesson and then either play a song that uses it or make a list of some songs.

  • Roland says:

    Brilliant lesson, Jared. Thanx once again!!!…

    • Aknur says:

      Eh, he’s a teganeer, and he’s probably got some steam built up from his time away.After a year at college, son#2 is much, much better. But there’s still plenty of

  • RR says:

    Jared, you rarely disappoint on these lessons, but this one is some of your finer work. The lesson has been invaluable to my independence. I usually master your lessons after a few hard, frustrating hours (sometimes days) on the kit. However, this lesson has been a whole other story! I don’t feel as though I will ever master it, only try to get a little better each time I play it. But I can’t wait to try.

    • RR says:

      Back to check in guys! Almost a year later, I have been practicing this lesson off an on for the past year, and my bass drum independence has increased 10 fold. I would also venture to say that my speed has doubled, and it was this exercise that made me realize the true value of developing the heel-toe/slide/whatever technique you like for fast doubles. I can now say that I am effortlessly throwing doubles in the music whenever I feel like it, and throwing a quick off beat bass drum doesn’t even phase me. Thanks guys!! Next challenge, bringing the left foot up to speed. With this exercise it will be a cinch!

  • AMLott says:

    The PDF file is not working for me. Jared could you email it too me please.

    • Marcus says:

      Don’t klick on the pfd-button with the left mouse.
      Do a richt-klick on it an choose “Save under” oder “save to” … i don’t know what is written there in english beacuse I am from germany. I can read “Ziel speichern unter” there ;O)

    • Kimberly says:

      Good so far, but its all dnb!!??? Dont get me wrong i down with dnb, but wehers the breaks, electro house, and techo/tech-house???

  • RunninBear says:

    Found this lesson to be very valuable. Struggled a lil at first but am improving each time I sit down with this. Excellent job as usual Jared.

    • Bebitha says:

      (((MM)))At least do sethmoing so this sob cannot get behind the wheel of a car again. File with county attorney, etc.And if the boss cannot deal with the 10 lb limit, that’s the company’s problem not yours.

  • jaredluver says:

    r u single? i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashane says:

    Thank you jared… this is great!!!!

  • claudio carrasco says:

    Hace ya bastante tiempo vengo siguiendo las clases que imartes en tu sitio web.
    quero felicitarte por el esplendido trabajo que haces al ayudar a bateristas principiantes, de nivel medio y avanzado.
    mi nombres es claudio carrasco soy de nivel medio mi gustaria que me escribieras a mi correo algun tipo de tecnica para el doble pedal. no conozco muchas.
    espero tu respuesta ya sea en ingles o si me lo facilitas es español. 😀
    te saludo desde CHILE un nuevo colega tuyo
    aqui estoy para servirte en lo que necesites.
    tengo 17 años y me encantaria que me ayudaras con la tecnica que te pedi.

    • Einar Coutin says:


      It’s been a long time since I’ve been watching your video lessons online.
      I want to congratulate you por the splendid work you’ve doing to help drummers. either beginners, intermediate or advanced.
      His name is Claudio Carrasco, he’s an intermediate drummer and he would love for you to send him some double bass pedal technique, he doesn’t now many.

      I await your answer either in English or to make it easier for me in Spanish. 😀

      Salutations from Chile…(from here on the grammar gets bad so I won’t translate literally) from a college of yours. If you ever need his help he will be there to serve you.
      He’s 17 years old and he would love for you to help him with the techniques he asked (double bass)

      Thank You and God bless you and make prosperous en everything.

      A Claudio, de Einar. Por favor mejora tu gramatica, es muy dificil para un No hispano hablante entender lo que estas escribiendo con un traductor.

      Los ejercicios para doble pedal de bajo YA estan aqui en este sitio. Vete a la seccion de begginers y busca double bass. Hay al menos 5 videos de double bass. You aprendi la tecnica del talon/pulgar en este sitio.

  • chadrac says:

    wow amazing jared falk you are playing amazing thankyou for ur video 🙂

  • diegochangos says:


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