How To Mic A Snare Drum

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk and DrumLessons.com sound engineer Victor Guidera, guide you through the microphones and miking techniques used for getting the snare drum sound you hear on all the free drum lessons on DrumLessons.com. This free drum lesson on snare drum miking is loaded with tips for bottom and top microphone positioning, and includes some tricks you can use to avoid microphone leakage.

You have to realize that there are numerous factors that contribute to the sound you’ll be getting from your snare drum. Having good quality snare drums, good tuning and drumming abilities, comes before having the best microphones and knowing the best miking techniques in the world. You should work on getting your snare drum to sound as awesome as possible before you start capturing its sound with a microphone. Therefore, if you’re lacking on good tuning skills and knowledge on muffling techniques, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “How To Tune Your Snare Drum” and “How To Muffle Your Drums“. If you want to improve on your snare drumming technique, we encourage you to check the “free drum lessons on the 40 drum rudiments” that we have here at DrumLessons.com.

If you’d like to learn more about how to mic other instruments on your drum set, we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “How To Mic A Bass Drum“, “How To Mic Toms“, and “How To Mic Cymbals“.

To learn about common technical terms and theory behind drum set miking for both live and studio settings, check the free drum lesson “Drum Set Mic Technique Overview“. You’ll learn about audio spectrums, frequency responses, and how the type of microphones used affects the overall sound you’re capturing.




  • bill says:

    I have the same board you use in your videos. How do you switch phase on mic’s

  • Claudia says:

    Hi Guys,
    Do you use any type of compression or/and effects on the snare?

  • Jean-Marc says:

    thanks for another great lesson jared (and thats a sweet lookin kit)

  • richard says:

    hi guys,
    what about the electric phase of the bottom mic?

    • Victor Guidera says:

      Great question. I generally flip the phase on the bottom mic. There are some rare occasions where you may not have room to place the 2 mics exactly the way you want. This, in some cases for me, has caused an “in-phase” relationship just by placing the mics, without reversing the phase of the bottom mic. The placement in this video dictates a necessity in reversing the phase of the bottom mic.

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