Soilwork - "Like The Average Stalker"

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Soilwork is a Swedish melodic death-metal band. The song Sean Lang covers in this video is “Like The Average Stalker” and is taken from Soilwork’s 2001 release A Predator’s Portrait. Before pressing play get your favorite drink, sit back and relax while you watch Sean “smoke” his drum set.

As you can see from this drum cover, Sean Lang is a very proficient heavy-metal drummer. His chops and stamina arise from years of focused and intense practicing. If you’d like to follow on his footsteps, you’re actually in luck! At DrumLessons.com we have a plethora of free drum lessons written by Sean Lang that will help take your heavy-metal drumming to the level you see in this drum cover. To get started right away we encourage you to check the free drum lessons “Single Pedal Heavy-Metal Drum Beats,” “Developing Speed Around The Drum Set” and “The Flat Foot Technique.”




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