Intermediate Metal Drum Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

This free heavy-metal drum lesson is the next natural step in the development of your ability to perform heavy-metal drum fills. The heavy-metal drum fills Sean Lang goes through in the video combine 16th notes with 32nd notes. To avoid any kind of frustrations earlier on, go through the free heavy-metal drum lesson on beginner heavy-metal drum fills before tackling this one.

Incorporating 32nd notes into drum fills can bring about various issues in regard to hand and foot speed as well as stroke consistency. Exercises one, three and four require the ability to execute fast bursts of single strokes with the hands. To play them with speed and consistency you have to work on your single stroke roll. Watch the free drum lesson “Single Stroke Roll Speed” and practice the exercises within to take your single stroke roll to the next level. Make sure the strokes are consistent sounding and evenly spaced.

Exercises two and five have pretty challenging foot patterns. They’re 32nd note based, so you’ll need to have pretty decent speed and control with your feet to play them. To help you develop your feet, check the free drum lesson “Double Bass Speed Tips.”

Once you feel you’ve attained a good level of control over these heavy-metal drum fills and would like to learn some heavy-metal drum beats to go along with them, check the free drum lesson “Intermediate Broken Metal Double Bass Beats.” If you’d rather learn more intermediate double bass drum fills, check the free drum lesson “Intermediate Double Bass Drum Fills.”

If you feel you’re ready to move on and would like to go even further with your heavy-metal drum fills, we have exactly what you need. The free heavy-metal drum lesson “Advanced Heavy-Metal Drum Fills” was designed to challenge your current abilities and broaden your horizon in regard to the type of heavy-metal drum fills you can come with on your own. That free heavy-metal drum lesson will really help you work on your creativity.