Drum Play-Along - 7/4 Fusion

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this video, Jared Falk jams along to a funky sounding 7/4 fusion drum play-along. This 7/4 fusion drum play-along is a great place for you to practice all kinds of 7/4 drum beats and drum fills. This free drum lesson comes with three MP3s that you can download and use to play along or study with – one with the drum tracks removed, an alternate version with a metronome added in, and a full band track that you can use for further studying Jared’s licks or for enjoying the music.

Start by watching Jared jam along to the 7/4 fusion drum play-along, so you can have an overall idea of the drum play-along’s structure and feel. After watching the video, take the drum play-alongs to your drum set and see what you can come up with. Start by jamming along to the version with a metronome added in. This will help you keep basic time while learning how to play along to a song in 7/4. When you’re able to keep a steady tempo, you can start jamming along to the version that doesn’t include a metronome.

If you don’t know what drum beats and drum fills to play, steal some of the ideas Jared plays in the video. If you want to write your own 7/4 drum beats and drum fills, take any two 4/4 drum beats or drum fills from the rock drumming section on this website for instance, remove a quarter note from one of them and glue them together to come up with a brand new 7/4 pattern. Another cool idea is to mix and match seven quarter notes from different patterns to come up with a brand new one. The possibilities are quite endless. Explore 7/4 time signature with the help of this free drum play-along and just have fun with it.

What if we told you this drum play-along can be used to improve your internal clock; hand, foot and showmanship techniques; odd-time drumming, beats and fills? Intrigued?! Watch the free drum lesson “Practicing With Play-Alongs” to learn more about this.