Larnell Lewis Drumeo Lesson

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drumeo edge drum lesson, Larnell Lewis takes you through some of the main aspects to consider when developing a swing feel on the drums for playing rhythm and blues (R&B): funk, soul, gospel, and hip-hop, authentically. Larnell Lewis also discusses how to develop a light touch on the drums while keeping the intensity level up, using drum rudiments creatively, and foot technique.

Listening to a lot of music that swings is as important as taking time to study this type of feel on the drums. If you don’t know what to listen to, check Kim Burell’s Everlasting Life (1998), Dominiq’s The Glory Town Project (2007), and anything from James Brown to get started. Listening to jazz and blues records is a great option as well. As for drummers, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Teddy Campbell and Calvin Rodgers are great players to study when it comes to learning about swing-feel.

We highly encourage you to use those records as play-along material as well. Try to replicate exactly what and how the drummers are playing: their feel, dynamics, intensity and touch. Focus on burying each stroke they play. This will be a great way to develop an authentic swing feel on the drums.

For more free drum lessons on groove development, make sure to watch “Developing Groove On The Drums” and “Playing With A Bass Player“.




  • Simon Emmanuel Oche says:

    How to play makosa drum fill

  • shalom seramaan says:

    best lessons ever!

  • don says:

    Glad to see electronic cymbals are making some advancement in look and feel and sound.

    • Janel says:

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  • Brendan Maguire says:

    Awesome lesson, I always learn something I didnt know when I watxh anything you guys put up. I motto is you never stop learning !
    Cheers DRUMEO keep up the good work !!

  • Phillis Ramirez says:

    Excelente, muy buena ejecucion del instrumento, estoy practicando para llegar a eso o algo mas, excelente baterista…

  • Shane says:

    Great video. Love Larnell’s funky style and relaxed approach. I especially love that he’s playing on the Yamaha 950DTX. I don’t think Yamaha gets the props it deserves since Roland is so popular. But after I played them next to a Roland TD 30 I had to get the Yamaha. And the 50 drum kits are absolutely amazing. I’ve had it about 8 months and love it. As Larnell said, it’s not an acoustic set and no electronic pad will ever feel exactly like acoustic. But that’s fine, I don’t think they have to. I like the unique feel of the pads with the advantage of controlling the volume to save my ringing ears from years of acoustic playing!

  • Diogo Teixeira says:

    AMAZING MAN!!!!!!! Its just …… BAUMMMM TARAPAERATTATATATAAPUPOPUPOPOOOMMMOMMMPATARATARATATTATATA!!!!!! Please can somebody describe to me (with full details) what drum kit is that…. i will apreciate very much……

  • gonzorabbit says:

    Oh my, that is some awesomely funky playing! Thanks so much Larnell, Dave and Jared for the video, really enjoyed it. I’ve been only been drumming for a year and have focused mainly on playing metal and rock music. This lesson has totally opened my mind and inspired me to try something different (and totally cool!) on the drums. I agree with Dave, I would’ve been stoked to watch Larnell groove on all lesson long 🙂

  • kervin says:

    can i know the title of the song that was playing at the beginning?

  • Josiah says:

    man! that flow! dang that’s bad! i don’t know what it is that gospel drummers have, but that is just riduculos the way he can play! he is amazing! you guys should get him for drumeo!

    • Uma says:

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  • Samy says:

    This guy is amazing… But I know that he’s an extraterrester ..
    Hey come on , take out your costume… LOL
    With all My respect , CONGRATS..!!!!
    Now I know what i can do with my sticks :

  • art smith says:

    push and pull tech…on the ride

  • Drummer4Life says:

    Wow! Excellent! Jared, thank you for sharing that with us. Larnell, I wish I knew you on a personal basis so that I could just pick your brain and learn from you. Your skills are awesome. Keep on praising GOD.


  • Bob Sayer says:

    What A Kit!!! Here I am at 65 still looking for a good sound & all I Really need is this Adaptabilty of electronics right in front of Me!
    I love that layed-back easy (I can do this) flexible attitude, very Inspirational. Is it possible to get an over-all Price(Australian)on the GEAR. Best concept lesson Ive seen, lets see more!

  • Jacob Markiewicz says:

    What kind of cymbals is he using?

  • Ian Evans says:

    Fantastic lesson, a lifetime of work for me

  • robert huddleston says:

    I am enjoying what I hear but I am still having trouble getting video feed. I get some but not all. I am confussed about that. I am printing out sheet music so I can read while I listen. Maybe a problem on your end??????

  • Milton says:

    Amazing. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  • jason peterson says:

    He is as lovely a person as he is a drummer. SUCH a great player…it’s so much more than chops(which he has) but his musicality….thanks for sharing!!


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