Yamaha Electronic Drum-Set Demo

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this drumeo free drum lesson, Sean Browne, Yamaha Drums Canada rep, takes you through some of the coolest features the brand new Yamaha flagship electronic-drum system, the Yamaha DTX-950K, has to offer.

Most discussions and presentations regarding electronic drum sets are focused on showcasing the drums’ ability to improve your practice routines or work as an acoustic drum-set replacement. Although Sean Browne goes into practicing with play-alongs and the similarities between the Yamaha DTX-950K and an acoustic drum set, he spends quite some time navigating through Yamaha DTX-950K’s abilities to make music, be used as a standalone music instrument and as a powerful tool for gigging drummers.




  • Riley says:

    Hey guys, I was wondering if Sean can tell me why the DTX 530 is not available in Canada. Thanks, Riley.

  • Mario says:

    Ok. this seems to be the first video after the “How to set up your drum kit”. So my question is: Could you please recomend me a good drum set buying guide? Or, do you hava a lesson for that?

    I want to start learning to play the drums. I haven’t played any drums, nor have any druming experience. The only instrument that I can play is the acustig guitar.

    But this year, I want to learn how to play the drums. As Sean says in this video, I also think that nothing replaces an acustic intrument, in this case a drum kit.

    So please, I need a guide that lets me visit the two or three serius music shops that are here in Monterrey, Mexico. Don’t know if I’ll find Yamaha or Evans supplies here. So, instead of specific features or tech spechs, I’d like to go thru a generic buying guide for an acustic drum set.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Mario Montoya

    • mike says:

      Buy a reputable brand if you’re really serious about learning. I’d suggest a Pearl. I’ve been playing my Pearl forum serious for about 8 years and it still plays like the first day I got it. I’d suggest getting an export series. They run around 600 bucks but that’s a steal for what you get.

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