One Handed Roll Applications

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to incorporate the one handed roll into your drum beats. Some of the exercises you’ll find within work great for rock-based music. This free drum lesson includes examples for heavy-metal and bossa nova as well, so you can see how applicable and musical the one handed roll can actually be.

The exercises from this free drum lesson are geared towards those who’ve practiced and perfected the one handed roll. If you’re not one of those cats, you should skip this lesson and watch the video “One Handed Roll” instead. There, you’ll learn how to play the one handed roll accurately and how to develop it with a couple of exercises. As a bonus, the one handed roll is broken down for you with slow motion video, so you can see exactly how to perform this powerful technique.

The one handed roll is performed with your snare/ weaker hand for all these patterns. After achieving a fairly good level of control over these exercises at various tempos, switch your hands and use your hi-hat/ lead hand on the snare drum instead. By doing so you’ll not only even out your hands, but improve on your independence as well.

Exercise #8 is basically a bossa nova groove where the 2-3 bossa nova clave is played on the toms, while a 16th note one handed roll is performed on the snare. The use of the one handed roll in Brazilian styles of music can actually come quite in handy. Although Jared uses it in a bossa nova groove here, it’s way more useful to use it when dealing with Samba-based styles of music. You see, Samba is mostly played at fairly high tempos and features a myriad of 16th note-based patterns on the snare drum. It’s quite troublesome to play fast single strokes using finger technique or wrist strokes with only one hand under these conditions. So you can actually use the one handed roll to play 16th note snare patterns quite effortlessly.

If you’d like to expand on the content from this video lesson, take bass drum patterns from other free drum lessons and combine them with the various hand patterns you’ll find within. Another cool idea is to use dynamic drumming techniques like opening-closing the hi-hat to challenge you a bit more and to spice these patterns even more.




  • Rahul says:

    Dude u rock, i just got a new kit i been watching all through the beginner series been practising a lot, hoping to get to intermediate soon,thank you for taking the time to do all this….

  • Sevinç Şimşek says:

    Thank u for this lesson

  • william says:

    Your drumming is wonderful. It’s Drumeo. Correct?

  • Adam Keiger says:

    I can not begin to describe how jealous I am of how fast you can play double strokes with your feet. I’ve been up for about 2 days now trying to learn all of this stuff. Intermediate drummer, going back over the basics. Thanks for the inspiration, and the enormous amount of education you’ve unknowingly given me today.
    Also to John Davis, I’m very interested in the “real” way to play a one handed roll. What he’s doing is a gravity blast, so ive heard, and its widely used in many genres.

  • chris wagoner says:

    I loved it! I want to see more of that kind of stuff. I am an older player not used to all this fancy playing and dont know the first thing about playing like that so i sure would like to see alot more of those kinds of things. Thanks

  • fede says:

    why you don’t speak spanish 🙁 jajaja you are great

    • Sahid says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet cnmmeot…you look like you’re ready for the holidays…glad you got your cards out…I never feel like I have completed my list until the cards are sent out and like you I try to do it early. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Graeme says:

    Hi Jared—Just saw your demo of the one handed roll application & enjoyed it thoroughly. I have only tried that technique enough to know how it’s done etc. Trying to stop rim clicks??

    Take no notice of people who say it’s cheating. As Dave Weckl said at a clinic I saw “If you can do it – do it”. Anyway, I have seen Buddy Rich’s & Joe Morello’s amazing left hand technique & it was totally different and I doubt if that technique would allow them to play as rapidly as the rim bounce (whatever) technique.

    Good on you for having the guts to put yourself out there.

    • Osni says:

      Review by J. Byrne for Rating: This is the Dream Cheeky USB drum kit. Buyers must be prepared for one quirk: the uocdprt stinks. Literally. It smells similar to a tire store but worse. If you’re going to give this as a gift, I suggest removing it from the box to air it out before passing on.The software is easy to install, starts up quickly, and is somewhat easy to use. I wish it had a mode like guitar-hero for practice. (At least, I haven’t found such a mode.) It comes with various loops and beats and has graphics reminiscent of GH.The pad itself is small and sensitive to hands as well as drumsticks. I bought this for my young son, but I think even an adult player would find it useful/fun.

  • Jisoo says:

    this is fricky and cool stuff to use in solo

  • Gabriel says:


  • John Davis says:

    Jared are you doing the cheater one handed roll? It looks like you are from the video. As a pretty well versed drummer i figured you would be able to do the real deal, Im not talkin shit Im just surprised. I really think you should do a lesson on the real way to do a one handed roll without using the rim of the snare to artificially restart your roll. Im not against the cheater method especially for young drummers but for anyone serious step it up!

  • jack says:

    cut hair lol bold man it suck lol joke

  • avis says:

    y did u cut ur hair bro ???? but sweet and easy beats niceee

  • larry ross says:

    drum solo …..

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