General Drum Lessons

The General Drum Lessons section of DrumLessons.com is the best place for you to start working on your drumming with this website - no matter the skill level at what you are right now. The free drum lessons you'll find within are packed with valuable information on how to get started, hand technique, and drum tuning, setup and gear. They'll get you started in the right direction, fast-track your progress if you're already playing, or acquaint you with concepts, exercises, tips and tricks you weren't aware of as a more advanced drummer. Each free drum lesson has a write-up just below the video screen that you can use as a source of complementary tips, tricks and curiosities, as well as a lesson guide. The free drum lesson "How To Setup A Drum Set" is the first one you should watch from this section.

Proper kit setup is an often overlooked aspect of drumming. This may hinder your development and comfort behind a drum set, as well as your motivation for playing. A poorly tuned drum set is another source of discouragement. No one wants to play for hours on end with a disgustingly sounding drum set, day in, day out. To help you work around this, we've included free drum lessons on how to tune your bass drum, how to tune your snare drum, how to tune your toms, and how to muffle your drum set, within this section of DrumLessons.com. Sound quality is not only a matter of how well your drums are tuned, but also of how well and with what they're hit. "Auxiliary Drumstick Choice" gives you a brief overview of some of the sounds you can get from your drum set with the different drumstick choices available to you. The free drum lessons on hand technique teach you how to hold and use drumsticks to get the best tone out of your drums and cymbals.

Proper hand technique is something you'll want to develop to avoid repetitive stress related injuries as well. You can use the warm-up exercises and the step-by-step instruction on how to hold the drumsticks to work on your grip and get the most out of your hands in a healthy way, as you practice and play over the years. This section also features a very cool free drum lesson on the one handed roll, a very popular hand technique that's mostly used for showmanship purposes and in drum 'n' bass.

Learning the basics of hand technique, drum tuning and setup will make your life a lot easier when you get to learn your first drum beat and drum fills with the free drum lessons "How To Play Drums" and "Beginner Drum Fills". As you can see, this section has everything you need to know to get you started in the right direction and help you develop your drumming in a logical, healthy and structured way.

One of the downsides of playing drum set is the amount of money one needs to spend to get quality drum lessons and gear. As you might be well aware off by now, we've got you covered in the quality drum lessons department with the free drum lessons we've put together on DrumLessons.com. We've become so addicted to giving that we decided to help you out with all of your drum gear needs as well, by giving away free drum gear from time to time. You can learn more about how to win free drum sets, free drum DVDs, free cymbals, free drumsticks, and free drum gear with the video from the first ever DrumLessons.com drum set giveaway. If you're an advanced drummer looking on getting free drum gear via endorsement deals, check the free drum lesson "How To Get Drumming Endorsements" to get educated on this matter.