Live Lessons Archive

On DrumLessons.com we broadcast free live drum lessons on cool drumming topics and concepts for drummers of all skill levels. The live drum lessons follow one of two formats: topic-specific, and question and answers (Q&A) lessons. You can make use of our chat and messaging system during the live broadcasts to inquire our qualified drum instructors on the lesson's content or any other topic you're having issues with. The coolest thing about this is that you get immediate feedback from professional drum teachers and drummers entirely for free! The Live Lessons Archive is where you'll find all of the previously broadcasted lessons. You can think of this section as the DrumLessons.com TiVo. So if you missed any of the live lessons filmed for DrumLessons.com, you can always come back to this section and re-watch them over and over again.

Live Lessons

A great example of a topic-specific live drum lesson is the archived video "Bass Drum Speed Techniques". In it, Jared Falk, Sean Lang, and Dave Atkinson teach popular bass drum techniques and exercises for developing them. Dave breaks down the slide technique, Sean the flat foot technique, and Jared the heel-toe technique. This free drum lesson is directed to helping you develop the ability to play fast single strokes with a double pedal and use your hi-hat foot creatively as well.

The archived videos "Cobus Potgieter Live #1" and "Cobus Potgieter Live #2" are good examples of Q&A-based live drum lessons. Cobus Potgieter's Q&A sessions focus heavily on his career and drumming. By watching those videos you'll learn when and why he began playing drums, and what the first songs he played along to were. Cobus also discusses his drumming influences, some of the best moments he has had since he became famous with his YouTube covers, and teaches some of his most popular drum beats, drum fills, and techniques.