Expressing Yourself On The Drums

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Art comes together as a mix of skill and imagination; it gives hail to aesthetic objects, environments and experiences that can be shared with others. As an art form, music has in personal expressiveness its pinnacle. It’s what musicians strive and work for their entire life. In this free live drum lesson, Jay Deachman shows how you can work on your drumming voice and style by using what he likes to call the Construct.

The Construct shows how you can change up your drum beats and drum fills in five different ways. You can combine them in many different fashions or just apply them interchangeably. Use this concept with drum rudiments and any other drum beat and drum fill you already know how to play. In the video, Jay Deachman applies this concept to drum rudiments like the four stroke ruff, or single stroke four, and the flam. However, you can use it with any other drum rudiment.

Using the Construct from scratch is another great possibility. In the PDF sheet music you’ll find five rhythmic patterns you can combine and apply it to. If you’d rather administer the Construct to pre-written patterns there are plenty of options available to you on DrumLessons.com. You just have to decide if you want to mess around with drum beats or drum fills.