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In this video, I wanted to give all the brand new drummers something to practice. So even if you don’t have a drum-set, this lesson will test your rhythm skills and hopefully get you started playing your first song. Remember to go and grab your free play-along, I know you’re going to love playing along to that track.

To your drumming success,

– Jared Falk

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Thinking about learning how to play drums? Do you have a drum set but don’t know what to do with it besides using it to drive your parents nuts? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then this is the right place for you to be. In this video lesson Jared Falk, one of the DrumLessons.com drum instructors, shows you how to set yourself behind a drum set, while teaching you to play your first beat and fill. More »

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This lesson showcases a bunch of un-necessary drumming beats and techniques. While they’re fun to watch, they’re mostly useless when it comes to real music.

But still, as you continue to study and play drums, you’ll know there’s more to it than just keeping time or playing what you should. Sometimes you want to let loose and just play.

These beats will challenge you – and you’ll have a ton of fun. Good luck!

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to incorporate the one handed roll into your drum beats. Some of the exercises you’ll find within work great for rock-based music. This free drum lesson includes examples for heavy-metal and bossa nova as well, so you can see how applicable and musical the one handed roll can actually be. More »

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The triple paradiddle expands on the single paradiddle by adding two sets of singles to its basic shape. Since the single paradiddle is one of the drum rudiments that’s most used for drum set applications, practicing the triple paradiddle will empower you with loads of new options when it comes to creating new ideas based on the single paradiddle. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The left foot, also known as the forgotten limb, is a limb many drummers don’t spend enough time practicing with. This results in poor left foot independence, limb interdependence, strength and control. It also hinders one’s ability to use it effectively as a time-keeper or when playing double bass. Being competent with only three of your four limbs limits your musical pallet and expressiveness. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Hi-hat barking is a type of open hi-hat technique where the open sound has a very short duration. Hi-hat barks are usually played as 16th notes, 16th note triplets or 32nd notes and are great for playing accents and shots with a band, as well as for ending songs. Hi-hat barking can be found in many different styles of music, but it’s in funk that it shines the most. In this free drum lesson Jared Falk teaches five drum beats that make use of this technique in very creative ways. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Breakbeats are drum patterns taken from sections of songs during which the melody “breaks” to allow the drummer or other musicians of the rhythm section to solo in a groove-based style. Breakbeats are characterized by the heavy use of syncopated figures and can be found in numerous styles of music nowadays, from which hip-hop and drum’n’bass stand out the most. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Heavy-metal drumming is heavily (no pun intended) based on powerful, fast and energetic patterns. It can be tricky to add groove and dynamics amidst the wall of sound generated by machine-like drumming. Breaking up the ride patterns you play with the leading hand is a great way to spice up and compliment the music you’re playing along to. In this free heavy-metal drum lesson, Sean Lang teaches five ride patterns that you can apply to your heavy-metal drum beats to make them groove a lot more. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

In this free live drum lesson, Sean Lang–drummer for melodic death-metal band First Reign and an instructor at DrumLessons.com–teaches you to play the traditional blast beat and the hammer blast beat. He also goes about a couple variations on those blast beats and exercises for increasing your blast-beat speed and endurance. More »