The Flat Foot Technique

Bass Drum Boot Camp

The flat foot technique is used for achieving higher speeds with either a single or a double pedal. It’s quite popular among the heavy-metal drumming community but can be used within any style of music you see fit. In this free live drum lesson Sean Lang goes over the flat foot technique and shares tips and exercises that will make you a master of this technique in no time.

The flat foot technique is basically a hybrid foot technique for playing fast strokes with
your feet. It’s not heel up nor heel down; it’s a mix between both. This free drum lesson is packed of exercises for developing this technique. They focus on transitions between the foot technique you use for low to medium speeds and the flat foot technique. Most exercises can be used as cool drum beats as well, so don’t forget to try them out with some songs and play-alongs.

Besides flat foot technique exercises, Sean Lang talks about strengthening the weaker leg, practicing double bass with a single bass drum pedal and consistent drum set dynamics. As you work on your bass drum speed, power and control it’s a good idea to practice some double bass drum beats and drum fills as well.




  • Bill says:

    i am deffo going to try to learn and play along with this tune, i was about to give the drums a rest, but hearing this tune and the way sean demo’d this peace i am going to keep on going!- cover video will be cmonig soon

  • Fafarafa says:

    Sean you are master 🙂

  • kelvin sampson says:

    Those sounds i’ll call – “the sounds of glory”………lolzzzzzzzz

  • Raunak says:

    sean……….ur d best!!! cnt believe u hav such gr8 toes!!!! wht ws d name of d song u jus’ did??????

  • Sourabh says:

    You can hear lot of things happening with the sound of the bass drum if you listen close..

  • Adam says:

    I can’t believe how amaizing you are sean, i respect you so much from the bottom of my heart man 😀

  • Steve says:

    Would be great to see a video detailing pedal settings and proper set up to suit different styles

    • Einar says:

      The one thing I wanna know from that is how to do it on a pedal that has a heel rest. The DW pedals are very different from the Axis or Trick pedal in that sense for example.

    • Mark says:

      Hello my name is Alba and I would tell me to stars drumming, palese.Three months ago I have battery, I learned a few beats of rock, but I am stuck here.Can you help me palese.I don’t speak english very good so forgiving if something do not understand.

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