Posted By: Admin on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

A rhythm section provides rhythmic texture and pulse to the music. They serve as a reference for the rest of the band and can be found in virtually every style of music. The instruments used in a rhythm section vary with style of music and era. Drum set, bass guitar, piano and guitar are the more frequent ones. However, no matter the style, the drum set and bass guitar are the core instruments of any rhythm session. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Almost every style of music has been influenced by the shuffle in one form or another. There are rock, jazz and blues shuffles; funk has them and even Jamaican music has been highly influenced by them. Learning how to play shuffles properly is tricky. Shuffles can be technically challenging and hard to play with the right amount of feel. That’s why we put this free live drum lesson together for you. In it, Jerry Adolphe teaches you what he believes to be the essential shuffle patterns and shares a wealth of information on how to play great sounding shuffles. More »