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The Ultimate Online Drum Lessons Experience:

This broadcast was to celebrate Drumeo’s 500th live broadcast. It has been such an honor getting to serve the drumming community and teach thousands of drummers around the world! We gave away a ton of free stuff, more than planned 🙂 But that’s just how we roll at Drumeo. We’d love for you to join our community.


For only $29 a month (or less with an annual membership), you’ll get new lessons every day, live lessons and feedback from incredible teachers, and access to thousands of hours of lessons, play-along tracks, documentaries and more!

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Drumeo would like to thank Roland Canada for helping put on this event. For more information on Roland Drums, go here: https://www.roland.com/ca/categories/drums_percussion/

In this lesson, we had the pleasure of having Tony Royster Jr. out to film a lesson on Creative Concepts. Just deciding on a topic was very hard as there was so many awesome things that Tony can show us. So we decided to choose a few and call the lesson Creative Concepts.

Follow Tony here:

Instagram – http://instagram.com/thedrroyster
Twitter – https://twitter.com/thedrroyster
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thedrroyster

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Stanton Moore is an amazing drummer and educator from New Orleans – and earlier this week he was kind enough to join us in the studio for a lesson on “Musical Mileage”, where he’ll show you how to get the most out of a single pattern.

Enjoy the lesson, and make sure to leave your questions or comments below!

Like Stanton on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/stantonmooremusic
Follow Stanton on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Stanton_Moore
Check out Stanton’s website here: http://stantonmoore.com

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We had the incredible opportunity to host Jim Riley in our studios for a lesson on “Creating Grooves That Work”.This was a follow-up to his first Drumeo lesson called “Fills That Work”.

Jim is the drummer and bandleader for multi-platinum group, Rascal Flatts. He has also played on numerous TV shows, movies, and albums. He was voted country drummer of the year by the readers of DRUM! magazine from 2011 – 2014, as well as best clinician of the year in 2009.

Jim is also a passionate educator and has a private teaching studio called “The Drum Dojo” which he opened in 2007. If you are ever in the Nashville area, do yourself a favour and book a lesson!

Click here find out more about Jim’s drum books, lessons, and tour schedule: http://JimRileyMusic.com

Thank you to all of Jim’s sponsors who provided gear for the lesson!

Ludwig Drums – http://www.ludwig-drums.com/

Remo Heads – http://Remo.com

Vater Drumsticks – http://Vater.com

Sabian Cymbals – http://Sabian.com

LP Percussion – http://LPmusic.com

Direct Sound Headphones – http://ExtremeHeadPhones.com

Roland Electronics – http://RolandUS.com

Shure Microphones – http://Shure.com

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Thomas plays DW DrumsEvans DrumheadsPro-Mark Sticks, and Zildjian Cymbals.

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Here’s the new Drumeo Edge commercial, showing a drumming student learning the drums through their online drum lessons. Drumeo Edge is a convenient way to learn – with a new drum lesson every day and tons of resources.


Check it out at: www.Drumeo.com.

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Click Here To Download The Play-Along MP3s

This song is called “I’m Alive She Said”, from a band that Dave Atkinson plays with called YUCA. It’s an awesome track that I know you’ll love playing along to – to download the drum-less version of it click the link above, it’s free!

Support YUCA, buy their music here: http://yuca.bandcamp.com/releases

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Christmas is just around the corner. In the spirit of this holiday season, we decided to endow you with a very special Christmas drum play-along and a fun video to go along with it. In order to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy 2013, we got all the DrumLessons.com and Drumeo office staff to the studio to record their performance of this Christmas drum play-along. We don’t all play drums, so bare with us. Happy holidays and hope you have fun. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The time you spend practicing hand and foot technique, drum rudiments, drum beats and fills boils down to the moments you apply it all to music. Playing along to music is one of the coolest ways to practice and spend a hell of a good time behind a drum set. It helps develop your skill set a lot better because of its fun factor. However, there has to be a more structured approach to practicing with drum play-alongs; you have to do more than just jamming along. In this free live drum lesson Dave Atkinson addresses this topic by teaching how to use drum play-alongs and songs for improving virtually every aspect of your drumming. More »

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Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Along with rhythm and orchestration, dynamics are the main tools a drummer has for coming up with different ideas on the drum set. Playing accented patterns on the hi-hat is a great way to instill variety and expressiveness to whatever you perform on the kit. It’s also great for complementing parts from other musicians. In this free live drum lesson we’ll be taking a look at 10 drum beats that include different accented hi-hat patterns. Dave Atkinson exemplifies how to break them down between different instruments and how to play them using drum rudiments and with double bass going continuously underneath. More »