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Easy Crossover Drum Fill

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Normally, people don’t associate “easy” with “crossover drum fill”. But in this lesson, Jared Falk will show you a simple crossover drum fill that you’ll be able to learn quickly! Start slow to get the patter, and take it from there – you’ll be playing it in no time!

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  • Erica says:

    In watching the cross over drum fill, I’m looking at the notes. I guess you could reference the time at around 1:06. You talk about using the snare. I am very new to drumming, as in one day new, but I’m looking at the staff. Some of the other music I’ve looked at shows the snare drum as marked on the middle line where as you have the snare drum on the third space from the bottom. In other teachings, I thought the spaces were for the toms and base. Could you clarify for me?

    Thank you. I’m enjoying your videos.


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