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In this video, I wanted to give all the brand new drummers something to practice. So even if you don’t have a drum-set, this lesson will test your rhythm skills and hopefully get you started playing your first song. Remember to go and grab your free play-along, I know you’re going to love playing along to that track.

To your drumming success,

– Jared Falk

This Lesson Has 10 Comments

  • Chikumbutso Patrick Chilawe says:

    I would like to appreciate this site, its really helpful, am doiing well with my drumming now. Thank you guys.

  • Uberjuju says:

    Rank beginner here. Just put my Alesis electronic kit together. This is just the sort of exercise I was after. Thanks.

  • Jim says:

    This is great!

  • Theo Mulder, The Netherlands says:

    hello there,

    the snare notation is sometimes written on the middle line of the stave and sometimes on

    the second space from top of the stave.

    Can you tell me something about it?

    Sorry, I quess you had this question a hundred times before…Thanks in advance.

  • Paul Barone says:

    Jared, great explaination, I am not a beginner but love to keep. Learning the basics, This is by far the best explaination I have come across for someone just starting.

  • mulolanji silwimba says:

    Hey love your skillz am a begginer I want to build up my skill too

  • Francisco Araújo (Brasil) says:

    I am beginner and study for their videos.
    I want to buy mp3 music without battery to train (Playalong).

  • David Cutshall says:

    Great to get started thank you..I am a frustrated drummer…


    Hi, i love to enjoy the videos as a bigginer. Thank you.

  • Dalton says:

    I am a beginner drummer and would like to know where to start


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