Your Very First Drum Lesson

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In this video, I wanted to give all the brand new drummers something to practice. So even if you don’t have a drum-set, this lesson will test your rhythm skills and hopefully get you started playing your first song. Remember to go and grab your free play-along, I know you’re going to love playing along to that track.

To your drumming success,

– Jared Falk




  • Allan Bassett says:

    Hi there, I was recommended to look you up by my local church priest.

    I am a 50 plus guy, a registered nurse and have been playing the drums in the church band on a monthly basis.

    Trouble is that although my timing is considered by others to be good, I’m not really improving beyond a very basic beat, with no frills.
    I have really started to enjoy playing, but I feel frustrated that I don’t appear to be able to progress on my own.

    I have just bought a practice pad and drumsticks, bit have no idea how this will improve my ability without a little advice.
    As a lot of people, I am existing on low wages, but would hope to be able to progress to play drums to help pay my mortgage, but know full well that without the money to pay for expensive drum lessons, this may take years? So I will be very happy if you could give me any advice on what I can do to help my coordination and eventually perform basic ‘fills’.

    Thanks for your time


  • chase says:

    I tring 2 give up smoking and I really need something 2 distract me and this is something I’m keen 2 learn

  • Uche says:

    Please i really need help to be a professional drummer even if it means that i will pay please help me thank you

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