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This broadcast was to celebrate Drumeo’s 500th live broadcast. It has been such an honour getting to serve the drumming community and teach thousands of drummers around the world! We gave away a ton of free stuff, more then planned :) But that’s just how we roll at Drumeo. We’d love for you to join our community.


Put simply, you get one new drum lesson every single day. The cost is $29.95 per month. When you sign up, you also get access to the previous 500 hours of lesson. So you’ll be busy!




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  • joshua onochie

    i need to no more

  • joshua onochie

    i play the drum but i still need to no more of it how to do pedal work

  • thanky flex

    am an upcoming drummer nd I want to learn more…
    pls really need a tutor..
    Facebook: Thanky Flex..

  • mr me

    Sometimes i miss the drum i am trying to hit. What do you guys sugest.

  • mr me

    You guys are goons! I spent the whole video laughing!

  • mr me

    Why does Mark have a funny haircut?

  • adodrums

    i am a drummer
    i want to learn more

  • Adegoke joshua

    I do play the drum but am not perfect and it my great desire to learn more

  • Bereket

    Hi my name is bereket am student and i relly want to be a drumer i only see drum covers drum solo band work from youtube and i try alot but i only get access to practic drum once in week i try alot but i cant get any access so any one who has good advice for me you can get me in FACE BOOK
    (Bereket Frealem) THank You

  • value

    i do play drum but am not yet perfect i want to learn more about drum

  • Clay

    I feel like someone who isn’t a drummer, guitarist by trade, needs to take you up on that 20 day, obviously longer as we have to sleep, just to see what can happen to someone who dedicates a set amount of time to nothing but learning. In fact I’m going to buy a set.

  • Opeyemi emmanuel

    Am just learning

  • Dickens odumbe

    I need help since Im not to the standard

  • Dickens odumbe

    Im from kenya , I need help since Im not good enough


    am using left hand,can i continue with my druming activities.

  • daniel

    am just a beginner, need to be perfect please help

  • Prince iheme

    I need drum lession

  • israel inez

    u’r so cool!

  • aysticks

    Can I use my 16 note triplet as solo.
    My question is that have been playing drums well 4 years nw and my left hand is not yet strong.
    What can I do?

  • Emmanuel C Glee

    I want to be one of the master of drum cause I really like music

  • Olubunmi oluwole

    i nid to knw aw to play drums perfectly

  • John kamau

    It is my great desire to learn the drum