Develop Double Stroke Speed




  • Brandon says:

    Hey Bro, man watching you play really inspires me to get better at drums. One thing that i am having trouble with is getting my wrist quicker. So if you could do a lesson on that….it would be sweet bro!

  • Levi says:

    Can you do a lesson on single stroke roll speed i am a bit slow and wanted to gain some speed?
    Thanks man

  • D.Martin says:

    Thanks my friend….great explanation!

  • Rudy A jones says:

    Jared, the double stroking on the floor toms sounds dramatic. Tks

  • kostas pagonidis says:

    thank you!

  • vaughan emmanuel says:

    tanx jared am so grateful

  • todd f says:

    thanks for the video. I have always tried the doubles on stuff with no rebound and it just doesnt work. it seems to completely change the way i normally play doubles. is it even possible to play doubles on a pillow?

  • JesusFreak says:

    thanks Jared, i’ve been trying to develope speed around the kit, thanks and God Bless

  • Ellis says:

    I can do the roll at a good tempo during rudiment practice. Is it wrong though to slow the right hand to develope my left during jams or play alongs. I get that practice time is suppose to be just that, what is your thought. Mine is not to hinder the development of both sides and I figure at some point they would balance out. Am I wrong?

  • Germ says:

    Muy bueno el vídeo.

    Pero como hago para ver los anteriores “Secret Lesson”.


  • jose says:

    muy bueno el vídeo de hoy saluds