Crossover Drum Exercises

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  • Christiiam says:

    hey …
    thank you very much for the lessons very useful that a good page, really full support from Colombia, warriors ..

  • frank says:

    its simple but tricking but it all lies in the perfection of your rudiments,,,

  • Christian Ziegler says:

    Jared hi!

    I’m wondering whether your hands/forearms are still relaxed at that speed?? If I play at my speed limit my forearms easily get cramped.


  • jamar says:

    i’m wondering if it’s the drumsticks- zildjian 5a

  • jamar says:

    so jared how do i improve my weaker hand

  • jamar says:

    hey jared this speed technique is really messing me up i would appreciate if you could help me with it thanks. jamar

  • Dan Powers says:

    I started playing drums in 1962 in the 7th grade. I played for many years, but then just quit. I started again this year, and it seems impossible. I am 60 years old. Your lessons show me how bad I really am. Here’s my question. How can I get that blazing speed. I want to do a single stroke roll around the set and get it right and really fast. Right now it is a mess. A lot of hits on the rims and I cannot finish it correctly. Your help is appreciated.

    • Scooter says:

      Dan same here, now I can afford all the goodies too but have to get back up to speed on things..Good luck to you!

  • Chris says:

    i personally love the crossover exercises,keep up the good works it’s awesome.

  • Cristian says:

    Thanks for the video, gr8 job, keep up i’m loving this…

  • arnie says:

    great ,.,thankss,.,.!

  • Rudy A jones says:

    The crossovers are demostritrively heavy! Txs Jared

  • Ronald Berry says:

    Hey Jared Playing the opposite way with my hands left hand on the
    Hi-hats and the righton the snare I can almost do it but my cross over
    is the opposite way, Does that make sence, do I have to teach my brain
    a different way of playing. So I am a Dummie How do Ido that.
    I shure gave you a good question didn,t I. I am good at that.
    thanks R.Berry

  • raymond alcala says:

    tnx jared your drumlessons give,s me knowledge on 2 play drums properly……

  • afif khairi says:

    this great

  • JesusFreak says:

    Hey Jared awesome lesson, but i can not find the sheet music on the website, if you could tell me how to get that would be graet thanx

  • shay says:

    i didnt even think about practicing this exercise… TNX! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ernesto says:

    thanks is an excelent exercise

  • Prince M. Premnath says:

    God Bless you Jared … Keep goin ..

  • samuel says:

    I cant download the drum lesson videos on my laptop. please tell me how to go about it

  • vijayakumar, Chennai says:

    Dear Jared,

    Your free lessons are outshine, Pls provide download options for free sing up lessons, coz so that we can able to work out at Off line also , and Jared yesterday i have received your Rock drumming and Moller method packs they are really awesome , And jared teach the One Hand drum lesson they are really producing Unique Skills, Coz in free DVD of one Handed drum roll having only 29mintues duration.


  • tony says:

    nice trick ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But why did you not play the first exercice like this? ->”Rll-Rll-Rll…” or “Lrr-Lrr-Lrr…”

    I mean, it’s easier to play this exercice like this but for the other exercices it isn’t possible.

    Ths for your videos ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Ed Rhea says:

    Perhaps someone has all ready thought of this and I haven’t seen it yet, but what if you combined a Single Paradiddle with a drum roll? I call it a Rolling Single Paradiddle. The sheet music would look like this. Rrrr Llll Rrrr Rrrr Llll Rrrr Llll Llll. R is right hand and L is left hand. The small letters rrr and lll is the roll, or the stick bouncing in each hand. You are letting the sticks bounce two or three times with each notation. The choice is yours on how many bounces. You can do this with most all rudiments. What do you think?