Playing Fills Backwards

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

The number of drum fills known by a drummer is like the amount of cowbell in a song: it’s never enough. With that in mind, Jared Falk wrote this free drum lesson to teach a cool and simple concept that’ll take your drum-fill library to a whole new level. Watching the video and applying the concept will ensure a twofold increase on the number of drum fills you know.

DrumLessons.com has over 70 free drum lessons that teach how to play drum fills. Together, they feature over 160 drum fills that if you apply this concept to, expand to 320-plus drum fills. Now, if you take all those patterns and employ the concepts discussed in the free drum lessons “Fills In Different Counts” and “Combining Drum Fills” you’ll easily get a 1000 more. Crazy, right?!

The coolest thing about concepts like these is their applicability to just about anything. Using it with drum beats hails very interesting and fresh patterns. We encourage you to use them with your favorite drum beats and the ones we have for you on DrumLessons.com. If you’re digging the idea of using all these concepts to change your drum beats, check Jay Deachman’s Construct. It’s a very thorough concept that’s applicable to drum beats and drum fills alike; it’ll really help you develop your own creativity on the drum set.

Once you start developing new drum fills with this concept, you’ll definitely need a musical setting to test them with. You can do so with the play-along we created specifically for mastering drum fills that we have for you on DrumLessons.com.