One Bar Fills

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Adding drum fills to your playing and doing it with confidence can be quite difficult at times. Timing and creativity issues are sure to arise at a given point, whether you’re practicing new drum fills or trying out some of your own creations. To help you improve your ability to play drum fills we came up with this cool, free drum play-along. This is a great free drum play-along to practice any drum fill you like, especially those that are one-bar in length.

This free drum play-along has a one-bar break every forth bar of a verse. This is the perfect place for you to play any one-bar drum fill you know or are working on. The MP3s have a click track going throughout the break so you don’t ever get lost while playing along. Count along with the click if you’re feeling unsure about where you’re at. This feature is great for helping you improve any timing issues you’re having with your fills and even trying out some out-there ideas of your own.