Heel-Toe Technique Fills

Bass Drum Boot Camp

In this free video drum lesson, Jared Falk teaches you how to use the heel-toe technique within drum fills. He does so by taking you through 6 beginner to advanced examples taken from the 15-hour long Bass Drum Secrets 2.0 training pack.

Be sure to learn how to play the heel-toe technique before going through this lesson. It’s important that you develop a good understanding of the heel-toe technique, and learn how and what to practice to develop it accurately. Doing so will actually make it easier to master these drum fills. Come back to this lesson when you’ve been through the basics behind the heel-toe technique and actually know how to play it with at least one foot.

Once you start getting comfortable with the drum fills taught in this free drum lesson, we encourage you to use them in a musical setting. You can do so with the play-along we created specifically for mastering drum fills.

These drum fills can be played with the slide technique as well. Much like the heel-toe technique, the slide technique is used to play quick double strokes with the feet. If you’re curious about the slide technique check the free drum lesson that teaches you how to play the slide technique. If you’re more interested in applying the heel-toe technique to your drum beats, watch the free drum lesson “Heel-Toe Technique Beats“.




  • Erick says:

    One foot for the win!

  • prathamesh says:

    iam unable to play it on the yamaha dd65 octapad. how can i learn then??

  • Alex says:

    Is it possible to do bass drum triplets with ONE foot?

  • ozkan says:

    what are those beaters you use there?

  • Hanggi says:

    I think they use deireffnt ways of communicating with the system which prevents them from being used interchangably.The PS3 most likely uses bluetooth and the Xbox360 uses radio waves.

  • Christopher says:

    This vid was so awesome to watch. Man the stuff you did was just crazy. I’ve been wanting to put my kick into my fills for a while now and this vid helped a lot. Thanks man, you rock.

  • Tristan Tyler says:


    How do you get it sounding so ace! Could you make a new vid out to tune it will that head please??

  • Adam says:

    These fills are also possible using the slide technique correct?

    • Janado says:

      Yes! It’s possible.

      You can also play the doubles as singles with a double pedal (between the hi-hat pedal and the bass drum pedal, or two bass drum pedals) if you’d like. So you can actually use these exercises to practice heel-toe, slide, and your double pedal technique.

      Have fun mate.

    • Morgana says:

      Ryan is a weruonfdl guy and teacher. Ryan has been teaching at our music store here in Bellingham for some time now.Ryan’s students and there parents always seem very comfortable when around him

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