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Thomas Pridgen - Applying Rudiments To Your Drum-Set

Thomas plays DW DrumsEvans DrumheadsPro-Mark Sticks, and Zildjian Cymbals.

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This Lesson Has 4 Comments

  • Ahmed says:

    I am deeply saendded to learn of this. There is much more to say and never the time, never the place. So inadequate are these words. Peter, you marked me forever, I will never forget, I believe in your work and I will do everything I can to help advance it into the future. I believe in long, long investments of heart and energy in the work of this world. So you have become part of how I work. I wish I had told you, wish I had taken the time. Judy, Ocean, my deepest regrets. There is much more for me to say and do. In time, in the coming months, I will. But I believe and I am ever, ever grateful. All blessings. Josh

  • Excellent says:

    I am excellent I want to play drum more than I do

  • kelechi says:

    i want to know how to play drum rudiments

  • Jr Dela cruz says:

    i am filipino and i want to be a good musician, and i dont know how to do?


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