Hand Drumming Djembe/Cajon

Easy Drumming That Sounds Hard

Not every gig requires a full drum-set. Weddings, restaurant and corporate gigs are a couple of the venues where a drum set might be overkill. Whether it’s the space the gig is being held on or sound and space limitations, there are various reasons to dismiss bands who have a drum set player as their only percussionist. This is where knowing to play hand drums can come quite in handy. You see, hand drums take almost no space at all and are way quieter when compared to a drum set. Knowing to play hand drums will get you all kinds of different gigs you wouldn’t get otherwise. Due to its usefulness to drum set players, Mike Michalkow put together this free live drum lesson to teach the basics of djembe and cajon and how to use them to reproduce drum set patterns.

Teaching you to play different drum set patterns on djembe and cajon is one of the many topics Mike Michalkow gets into in this free live drum lesson. He shares all kinds of cool technical information on djembe and cajon before delving into some musical applications.

For the djembe, Mike teaches you how to use its main tones: bass tone, open and closed/ muffled tones, and shows how to use conga and tabla techniques on the djembe. He also goes into the tones you can get from a cajone before showcasing cool ways of changing the tone out of both hand drums.

Musically, this free drum lesson on hand drumming is packed of cool tips. You’ll learn the dos and dont’s of performing with various djembe players and how to get rhythmic ideas from guitar players. As a bonus, and to showcase how transferable drum set patterns are to the djembe and cajon, Mike Michalkow plays through various song examples with the help of Nate Savage from GuitarLessons.com. He also goes a little bit into djembe tuning and gear tips.

Once you’ve been through this free live drum lesson we encourage you to start learning some drum set beats and fills on the djembe. We have many free drum lessons on drum beats and fills that you can choose from. For now, start simple by going through the free drum lessons “How To Play Drums” and “How To Count Quarter Notes.”




  • Harsheel Vora says:

    Sir, I want to learn a hand drum but confused between cajon and djembe. I have no drums background.
    Request you to please guide me what should be selected to learn and explore much in future.

  • Bern says:

    love cajons, so simple idea but that sizzle sound… cool!


  • Sanchine says:

    Dave or Mike:
    how is the name of that instrument with pedal?

  • Jake says:

    I loved this lesson because I would walk through my college and there would be a Djembe circle and they did absolutely nothing that you guys did. It totally turned me back on to that instrument. These people would continuously just try and be as loud as possible. It sounded terrible.

    • Tricia says:

      I am actually in need for this paturcilar info. Good thing I had the chance to visit your site, you really made your blog a good source of learning. I’ll be checking out for more updates. thanks a lot and a job well done for you!

  • Chiko U says:

    Muy divertido!

  • Luke Heaton says:

    I have a question. I have a Roland Td-3 and I want to use it as MIDI controller through Fl Studio. I bought a MIDI usb connector and connected it through my computer and Fl studio sees the usb interface but my drums are not coming through. Is their any special instrument plug in I need?
    What I Have:
    Roland Td-3
    1×1 MIDI USB Interface
    FL-Studio (Fruity Edition)

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